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British Movietone News


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13 Oct 1969
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1El Aksa Trial
  2. 2Soft Labour
  3. 3Brecqhou Stamps
  4. 4Sand Sailors
  5. 5Photomontage


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5 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Photomontage - News Scene. DESCRIPTION: One of the pioneers of this powerful weapon of propaganda, John Heartfield, is honoured with an exhibition of his work in London. The cunning superimposition of photographs creates an impact that no words can hope to better. The Cinema too, is essentially a visual medium - and of all films that rely on visual impact, the Horror Picture must be foremost. One of the most spectacular make-up artists in the field is Italy’s Rino Carboni. His creations are so sickeningly shocking, we’re surprised he doesn’t frighten himself. SHOTLIST: (Part 1). MCU artist John Heartfield’s wife and brother. CU wife pan to CU brother. CU picture of artist himself. Various shots of Heartfields Photomontage exhibits in which by trick photography he had produced macabre photographs of Hitler and his beliefs. MCU photograph of fat person with dead Jew in background. CU woman looking at photograph. 2 shots exhibits. CU woman looking, various shots of macabre photos depicting Third Reich Movement. (Part 2). Pan to girl takes off horror mask designed for movies by Rino Carboni. MCU masks hanging on wall. MS mask taken out of mould. MCU Carboni holds mask up to light and inspects it. MS Carboni stretches mask over face of dummy. LS Carboni. CU eyelid on mask being painted. MS jaw movement of scull being demonstrated. MS jaw movement of scull being demonstrated. MS Carboni slips on false arm, then adds false hand. MS a little ‘blood’ is added where hand is jointed to arm. MS Carboni makes up face of dummy which appears to be real person, then pulls its head off.
Entertainment and leisure; Arts and crafts; Industry and manufacture; Exhibitions and shows
Italy; United Kingdom
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Leslie Mitchell
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