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The Investiture of Prince Charles


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British Movietone News


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3 Jul 1969
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  1. 1The Investiture of Prince Charles


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Colour Investiture of Prince Charles. DESCRIPTION: I Charles, Prince of Wales, do become your liege man of life and limb and of earthly worship, and faith and truth I will bear unto you to live and die against all manner of folksThus Prince Charles declared his allegiance to the Queen, at his Investiture as Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, at Caernarfon Castle on the 1st July, 1969Movietone is proud to present this colour record of one of the most historic events of our time, the Investiture of the 21st Prince of Wales. SHOTLIST: MS swans & signets on lake, zoom in to mountain scenery. Aerial shot of background scenery for super-imposed title. GV pan scenery from top of Snowdon. MS Welsh flag depicting red dragon. GV Welsh mining town in valley. GV mining works (pit head). MCU reflection of coal mining works in puddle. MS miners with helmets walking out of mine. MS people walking in Welsh street. MS sign over shop ‘Elwin Morgans’. MS sign over shop ‘Lewis Jones’. MS sign over shop ‘John Thomas’. MS sign over shop ‘Emrys Evans’. MCU sign Llewellyn Street, bus passes in front. MLS double decker bus down hill to town, spreading over valley in background. 2x TS Welsh terraced houses. MS window in typical Welsh house. GV exterior chapel. MS church spire. LAS church tower. MS old men sitting on bench. Factory in background. CU old men. GV pub ‘The Prince of Wales’. MS waterfall. 2 shots angler fly casting in midstream. MS rock climber on sheer face. Zoom out to long shot. Old stones. MS sheep. GV sheep run past old stone. GV lake with mountains in background. MS horses in field. Montage sequence horses and Welsh national flags. CU Welsh flag in rugby spectators. MS rugby match being played. LS smoking factories. MCU glowing furnace at steel works. MCU Welsh flag. A to G Caernarfon Castle. LS cannons fire salute with castle in background. TS royal procession along road. MS Prince Charles passes through crowd in royal carriage. MS guards standing to attention. MLS royal carriage stops at castle. MS coat of arms. MS Prince Charles on castle steps with Lord Snowdon and Minister for Wales. LAS flag is drawn. MS Beefeaters walk past. TS Royal procession. MCU Prince Charles past. TS dais. TS Prince and followers walk through door into castle. MLS Queen on steps of castle whilst guardsman knocks on door. MS photographers. MS guard walks away from door. MLS Lord Snowdon emerges from doorway carrying key of castle, walks down to Queen, Queen takes key, Queen and Lord Snowdon walk through door. MS fanfare trumpeters. MS Princess Anne and Queen Mother and Princess Margaret walk past. TS royal procession. MS Duke and Queen walk past. LS royal party walk down aisle through crowd. TS crowd. TS dais. ES Queen walking across courtyard. TS Queen walks onto dais and prepares to sit down. MLS Prince Charles and followers start journey towards dais. MCU banner depicting red dragon. TS dais with Prince Charles kneeling. MS Prince kneeling before Queen. MS men holding investiture garments and ornaments for Prince Charles. MS Queen places sword over Prince Charles’ shoulder. MLS man in attendance gives Queen crown. MLS crown on Prince Charles’ head. MLS Queen takes ring from man and puts on Charles’ finger. MLS Queen takes gold rod from man. MLS Queen gives Charles gold rod. LS view of investiture through ramparts. MS Queen places ermine cloak around Prince Charles. TS guests in Caernarfon Castle. MLS Prince kneeling before the Queen as he is invested. MS Queen kisses Prince on cheek, he rises. MS crowd waving Welsh and Union flags. MLS Prince and Queen walk onto balcony. TS crowd. MS Princess Anne and Queen Mother walk past followed by Prince and Queen. MCU royal coat of arms. LS Prince and Queen on steps of castle. G to A Red Arrows fly past. MCU Prince. MCU officials. MLS Prince enters royal carriage. MS 2 women holding banner Australia. MS Princess Anne and Prince Philip in carriage. MS royal carriage drives off. GV Caernarfon Castle against sunset.
Sport; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Mass media; Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Displays; Environment; Aviation; Shops and shopping; Business and commerce; Industry and manufacture; Ceremonies; Birds; Animals; Military; Awards and honours
Wales; Caernarvon Castle
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Huw Thomas
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