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Towards the 25th


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
30 Nov 1967
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Built for Adventure
  2. 2X-Rays on TV
  3. 3All Blacks Beat France
  4. 4Towards the 25th


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4 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Towards the 25th. DESCRIPTION: The Joy Strings - the Salvation Army’s Pop Group - mix a giant Christmas Pudding for the residents of their London Hostels. Up in Scotland, another ingredient of a Happy Christmas is being closely guarded at a distillery - by Geese! The new issue of Christmas Stamps features the works of Old Masters. While in Czechoslovakia, instead of Turkey or Xmas Pud, they prefer to see a nice tasty Carp as the centrepiece of Xmas. SHOTLIST: MS members of the Joy Strings - The Salvation Army’s Pop group stirring giant Xmas pudding. MCU ditto. CU spoon in pudding. One of the Joy Strings stirring pudding. CU another ditto (x2). CU spoon in pudding. CU men beating water with whips to move carp towards net. MS ditto. GV ditto. MS GV ditto. CU men’s feet as they walk through mud. CU line of men walking towards net. MS ditto. MS carp which have been caught in net. CU man walking towards net. CU carp in net. MS ditto. Pan to men watching. CU as carp are lifted out of large net. MCU fish being put in large barrel. MCU man holding large carp. CU ditto. MCU ingredients being put into Xmas pudding. MCU geese at Whisky Distillery at Dumbarton. CU ditto. MS pan barrels of whisky being stored. MS geese outside distillery. MCU intruder looking round corner. MS as he walks towards distillery. MCU as he sees geese. CU geese. MS as man starts to run from geese. MS geese chasing intruder. MS ditto. CU ingredients being put into pudding. CU Christmas stamp with religious theme. MCU various Xmas (religious) stamps. CU the 3d Christmas stamp. CU 4d stamp. CU spoon in Christmas pudding. CU members of Joy Strings stirring pudding. MS ditto. MLS ditto.
Food and cooking; Celebrations and festivals; Industry and manufacture; Postal services; Birds; Crime; Animals; Performing arts
London; Scotland; England; Czechoslovakia
Footage sources
Templar Films
Card file number
Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Leslie Mitchell
Ronald E. Collins
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