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New Leaders


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
8 May 1967
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Gyroglide
  2. 2New Leaders
  3. 3Craft Centre
  4. 4Dolphin Delivery
  5. 5Healthy Blaze
  6. 6Crumbling Cathedral


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2 / 6
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: New Leaders. DESCRIPTION: May Day demonstration by Greek Community in Stockholm illustrates protest against the new regime in Greece. Composed of a strong military element and, led by Constantine Kollias, the new Prime Minister, it is claimed to have established the salvation of the country from civil war. But at the expense of how many principles of democracy? SHOTLIST: MS demonstrators marching past in Stockholm. MCU anti-Vietnam poster carried past. MS Anti-Vietnam demonstrators past. MS Anti-Greek demonstrators past in national dress. MS Anti-Greek demonstrators past. MS member of new government arrives in car. MS guard at gate of government buildings. LS government official gets out of car. MS another of new government arrives in car. MS Mr Constantine Kollias sitting at desk. CU ditto. Pan to other government members. CU member of new government at desk. MS Mr Constantine Vellies and officials at desk. MS ditto. CU ditto. MLS ditto.
Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Demonstrations
Greece; Sweden
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Leslie Mitchell
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