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Movie Awards - Doctor’s Dilemma


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British Movietone News


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15 Aug 1966
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Never Call It Kid Stuff
  2. 2Plough the Fields and Scatter
  3. 3Pussy Car
  4. 4Movie Awards - Doctor’s Dilemma


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4 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Movie Awards - Doctors Dilemma. DESCRIPTION: International Film Festival in Sicily features a galaxy of stars and personalities, and the presentation of the award known as European Oscar. But before winning Oscars, the masterpiece has to be made. We visit Castle Combe to see the winding up of location work on Doctor Dolittle. After all the publicity, Castle Combe returns to normal; to its peaceful place in the country scene, one of England’s prettiest villages. SHOTLIST: Key Scene. GV high shot of Sicily. GV high angle of Sicily. GV of audiences. MCU of Golden David Awards (the Oscars). CU ditto. MCU of a film actress. MCU of Yul Brynner. GV audience. MS of Irina Demick. MS John Huston with an award. CU of a Golden David award. MS of Darryl Zanuck. MCU Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor with an award. Richard Burton and Liz Taylor kissing. GV of Castle Combe. GV boats stacked up ready to be moved. MCU of an actor in his costume lying on a wall, also one sitting on the wall. CU of actor. GV Castle Combe set. MS Rex Harrison with producer Richard Fleischer. MS of Rex Harrison and producer. MCU Samantha Eggar. MS Samantha Eggar. CU Anthony Newley. GV Rex Harrison surrounded by sheep. CU sheep. MS Rex Harrison surrounded by sheep. GV dog watching sheep CU dog. CU parrot. GV duck in foreground the set in background. MCU director with monkey. MS looking through window at horses. MS cameraman sitting on dolly waiting. GV of camera crew after shooting sheep scene. MCU camera crew dismantling camera. GV stage hands removing sets. MS ditto. MCU ditto. GV horse and cart removing props. GV villagers. MS car towing boats away. GV of crowd watching. MS of horse and cart and bakery cart. MS of actors. GV village.
Entertainment and leisure; Performing arts; Awards and honours
Sicily; Castle Combe
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Leslie Mitchell
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