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Computer Hits the Headlines


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
13 Sep 1965
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Computer Hits the Headlines
  2. 2Fasten Your Seat Belt
  3. 3What Future for the Trotters?
  4. 4It’s an Up and Down World


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1 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Computer Hits the Headlines. DESCRIPTION: An entirely new idea in newspaper production based on photography and a well tried British computer has been introduced by the Reading Post, a new evening paper appearing this month. The new plant has cost over a million pounds to install and is designed to reduce the costs of production. SHOTLIST: CU paper on roller. MS ditto. MS ditto. MS ditto. MS ditto. MS ditto. Pan ditto. Trucking shot into reporters room. MS reporter taking notes over telephone. CU reporter writing down notes. MLS notes given to computer punch tape operator. CU operator typing punch tape. BS ditto. MS coloured ditto. CU coloured operator. CU ditto hands on keyboard. Pan from punch tape room to computer room. MCU tape being punched. Pan ditto. MS man feeding tape into the computer. CU tape in computer. MS photographic machine transferring tape to film. CU ditto. MCU machine at work. MS pan film magazine being taken off machine and carried to developing machine. MS pan boy carried photographed print from darkroom. MCU boy laying print onto bench. MS boy cutting out print. MS cut out print being stuck onto paper. CU ditto. MS negative laid onto photographing plate. MS cover put over photographing plate. CU final print being laid out. MCU print being prepared to go onto press. MS printing press starting up. MS paper on rollers. CU ditto. Pan ditto. MS ditto. MS ditto. MS ditto. MS ditto. Pan down ditto. MCU finished papers off press. MS ditto, zoom in man reading finished copy. (Evening Post) - Excellent story on newspaper printing. Whole process.
Science and technology; Industry and manufacture
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Leslie Mitchell
Norman Fisher
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