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The Business That Always Goes Up!


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
12 Mar 1964
Date submitted
10 Mar 1964
Date Other
Feb 1964
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Congratulations, Your Majesty
  2. 2Rugby - Wales Lead for Championship
  3. 3Home for the Redcaps
  4. 4The Business That Always Goes Up!
  5. 5Ready for the National


Story No. within this Issue
4 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Riding the Thermals. DESCRIPTION: It’s nearly thirty years since Fred Slingsby opened up in the village of Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire to build a reputation for making the finest high performance gliders in the world. His latest model is the Dart T51, and its expected to be a world beater. SHOTLIST: Key scene. GV interior factory. CU sign Slimsby Sailplanes Ltd. MS men working on wing sections of glider. CU same. MS men working on fuselage section. CU man spreading glue. CU man putting template in place. CU perspex sheet comes out of hot press. CU same in place on mould. CU jig holding perspex in place while it sets. CU jig being removed. CU workman. CU perspex canopy removed from mould. CU canopy being inspected. CU joystick being tested. CU aerious [sic] moving up and down. CU air brakes moving. CU rudder assembling moving. CU glider in field. CU name Dart on rudder. MS man into cockpit. CU same fitting safety belt. CU same checking controls. CU same closes cockpit corner. CU glider takes off. CU same hovering (3 shots). CU same breaks away into roll. LAS glider stunt flying. CU same flying. The glider is the new T51 called Dart.
Aviation; Business and commerce; Industry and manufacture
Yorkshire; Lasham; Kirbymoorside
Card file number
Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Keith Josephs
Leslie Mitchell
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