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Jazz Date - At Eight!


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
20 Feb 1964
Date submitted
15 Feb 1964
Date Other
Feb 1964
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  1. 1Fifth Round - Liverpool - Yeah!
  2. 2Rita Had a Little Lamb
  3. 3Flya Pinta Copta!
  4. 4Jazz Date - At Eight!


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4 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Jazz Date - at Eight!. DESCRIPTION: Brian Ling of Enfield in Middlesex started to play the clarinet when he was six. Freddie Randall heard about him and invited him along to make music with the boys whenever they were in town. We went down to Woodgreen Jazz Club to hear Brian, who is now eight, play. SHOTLIST: Key scene. CU clarinet on table. CU Brian Ling (8 years old). GV same picks up clarinet. CU cleaning same. CU clarinet to mouth. GV Freddie Randall’s band playing (start SOF). CU Brian Ling playing clarinet. CU same (2 shots). GV band playing. LAS members of Woodgreen Youth Club dancing. LAS same. MCU same. CU bell of clarinet. CU bell of trombone. CU bell of trumpet. GV band playing. CU zoom in Brian playing clarinet solo. GV same. CU same. GV band playing. CU members of club dancing. CU same (2 shots). CU girl spectator. CU clarinetist. CU bell of trombone. LAS Brian playing clarinet. CU same (2 shots). CU zoom in Brian (end SOF). GV spectators clapping. CU Brian Ling.
Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Children
Wood Green; Middlesex; Enfield
Card file number
Leslie Mitchell
Ronald E. Collins
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