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News-Events - in Colour: Paddle Steamer


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
5 Dec 1963
Date submitted
5 Sep 1963
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  1. 1Smithfield - Farming Focus
  2. 2NATO Visit
  3. 3Compac Links Commonwealth
  4. 4News-Events - in Colour: Paddle Steamer


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4 / 4
Section Title
News-Events - in Colour
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Last of the Paddle Steamers (In Colour). DESCRIPTION: A National Appeal has just been launched to try to raise enough money to preserve Medway Queen, the paddle steamer, that has brought colour and pleasure to some 2 million passengers over the past 40 years. She’s remembered with gratitude by the 7,000 servicemen she brought back from Dunkirk, making no less than 7 channel crossings. It was a sad day for Captain Leonard Horsham, when she began her last trip this Summer. The last of the Thames paddle steamers, she could no longer pay her way, and there seemed no alternative than the breakers’ yard. Will the Medway Queen have to go that sad, last way? SHOTLIST: Scenes: Shot of Medway Queen’s plaque and bell. GV of ships on the way. Shot of Fort Gravesend. Shot of training ship Arethusa. Various crowd shots. Shots of Red Ensign. Shot of wake astern, upper deck, paddles and crowd looking on. Shot pan from funnel to deck. Shot of rotating crank shaft and CU beam. Shot of Chief Engineer William E Ruthven (has been with Medway Queen for 13 years) operating controls. CU dials. Shot of Captain Leonard Horsham on bridge. CU same. Various crowd shots. Shot of man at wheel and CU low angle. CU ship’s controls. GV forehead of ship. GV Medway Queen anchored at Clacton and ship’s name plate. Same pulls out (raining, quite heavy - might be rain on filter) ship pulls in. The Medway Queen, only remaining paddle steamer on the Thames, which is to be broken up, made her last trip to Southend.
Ships and boats; Fundraising
Southend-on-Sea; Clacton-on-Sea; Strood
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Geoffrey Sumner
Ronald E. Collins
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