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The Queen Goes Walk about (In Colour)


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
21 Mar 1963
Date submitted
15 Mar 1963
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Calcutta Cup for England
  2. 2Fifth Round - Liverpool Through
  3. 3Royal Film Performance
  4. 4The Queen Goes Walk about (In Colour)


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4 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: The Queen Goes Walk About (In Colour). DESCRIPTION: Alice Springs, at the geographical centre of the continent is a surprisingly modern town. Traeger Park was the centre of the town’s welcome. There was a crowd of 3,000, who turned out to see and welcome the Royal visitors. Alice, is fast becoming a tourist centre, and its picturesque surroundings are reflected in pictures by Aboriginal artists. Famous too for the Royal Flying Doctor Service - the unique plane and radio network covering thousands of square miles. The Queen and Prince Philip saw for themselves some of the effects of the drought at a cattle station, 50 miles from Alice. They also watched Aboriginal stockmen working a herd of beef-cattle. SHOTLIST: Key scene (fade in). AS pan - Alice Springs. GV street in Alice Springs. CU Aboriginal and white children (12 shots). MS Queen and Duke in open car. MS crowds waving. MS Queen and Duke in car. MS crowds waving. GV Alice Springs. CU same (picture). MS Queen and Duke meet aboriginal painters. CU painting. CU artist. MCU Queen and Duke talk to artist. CU painting. MCU Queen looks at paintings. CU painting. GV Flying Doctor Base. CU badge of same. MCU notice. MS Queen sits at broadcasting radio. MS Duke watches on. MS Queen makes speech from base. GV countryside. MS various families listen to Queen’s speech (3 shots). Alice Springs (3 shots). GV Queen and Duke in car at Aboriginal cattle station. Aboriginal men rounding up herd (2 shots). Queen and Duke watching as cattle goes by (3 shots).
Ethnic groups; Agriculture; Arts and crafts; Broadcasting; Animal husbandry
Australia; Alice Springs
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Leslie Mitchell
Mark McDonald
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