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Super Tanker Terminal


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
24 Apr 1961
Date submitted
21 Apr 1961
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Super Tanker Terminal
  2. 2Windows on Life
  3. 3All for Cleopatra
  4. 4Australia - Flying Foxes
  5. 5Australia - Hop Harvest
  6. 6Aussies Here


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Super Tanker Terminal. DESCRIPTION: The shore installation of the new ocean terminal for super tankers stands on the site of an old fort. Popton Fort, at Angle Bay, Milford Haven, was built when it was believed that Napoleon III planned invasion. The terminal was opened by Mr Richard Wood, Minister of Power, seen here chatting with the Captain of the British Queen, a 50,000 ton tanker. Tankers of twice that size could discharge their cargoes at the two-berth jetty. The oil is pumped to storage tanks from which it flows for over 60 miles by pipeline to a refinery near Swansea. SHOTLIST: Key Scene. AS refinery and ships. AS same. LS tanker at end of pier. GV same. LS storage tanks. LS storage tanks. MCU same with part of old fort. CU rampart. LS port. LS pipe lines. MS Mr Richard Wood with Captain of British Queen. MCU same. LS tanker. LS pipe line. MS pipe line. MS same. Pan up pipe line to fort. AS refinery.
Ships and boats; Ceremonies
Milford Haven
Card file number
Geoffrey Sumner
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