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Soho Fair


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
14 Jul 1960
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The Congo Trouble
  2. 2Farewell to the 3rd
  3. 3Soho Fair
  4. 4Open Golf Champ
  5. 5Lloyd George Honoured
  6. 6Festivals in Wales


Story No. within this Issue
3 / 6
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Soho Fair. DESCRIPTION: An American band led the annual Soho Fair cavalcade into Soho Square, and girls galore, including the current First Lady of Soho, weren’t far behind. Soho’s famous for its feminine attractions, and it’s also famous for its restaurants. A highlight of the Fair was the waiters’ race. They have to race twice round the Square, with a bottle of fizz, a glass and an ash-tray. Waitresses only have to race once round Soho Square, and they seem a good deal faster than the waiters! SHOTLIST: Key scene. LS American band marching in square. MS beauties on float. TS Soho queen on float. MS beauties on float. MS float. LS waiters race begins. MCS waiters running. MCS waiters running. MS waiters running. MCS waiters running. LS waitresses race starts. MS waitresses running starts. LS waitresses running starts. CU Beatniks dancing. TS Beatniks dancing. MS Beatniks dancing. CU Beatniks dancing. MS Beatniks dancing. MS beauties on float.
Music and dance; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Women; Competitions; Celebrations and festivals; Ceremonies; Military
London; England
Card file number
Geoffrey Sumner
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