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Aintree Review


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British Movietone News


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14 Mar 1960
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Surf Boats Battered
  2. 2Riotous Rugger
  3. 3Royal Water Rat
  4. 4Aintree Review


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4 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Aintree Review. DESCRIPTION: There are plenty of the other ‘chases, but there’s only one Grand National. The Grand National’s been going on for a hundred and twenty years or so. It even carried on into the beginning of World War Two. Outstanding Nationals include the victory of the very famous Golden Miller. He won in 1934. 1936, and the late Lord Mildmay leading on Davy Jones. The reins break. And Davy Jones runs off the course. Reynoldstown, by the way, won for the second year running. Look at last year. Tim Brookshaw riding Wyndburgh. But a stirrup leather has broken, and riding without irons probably lost him the race! The Royal Family has always shown the greatest interest in the National, seen here chatting with Lord Mildmay just before the 1950 race. ‘55 was an exceptional year. The course was almost water-logged. M’ as Tu Vu, the Queen Mother’s horse, held the lead for a long way. But, he fell at the 27th. The greatest sensation of all time was in 1956. The Queen Mother’s runner, Devon Loch, looked an absolute winner when he apparently tried to jump a jump that wasn’t there. Jockey Dick Francis told us later what happened. Well, the National’s certainly unpredictable, and that’s a very large part of its never failing attraction. Very soon now, another field will be ready for the off. Going to be there? SHOTLIST: GV spectators at Aintree (3). CU same. CU betting book. MS spectators looking through binoculars. MS same. CU G Sumner (sound). TS horses on track. GV same. SLS race begins. LS hedge jump (slow motion). MS spectators. Tracking shot race in progress. BS same. MS same. HAS same. BS same. GV same. CU G Sumner. MS Golden Miller parading. MS Tiberetta. SCU Mr Ehat. MS Sundew. MS another. CU Caughoo, MS Manoveen. MS crowd. MS men and women in uniforms. MS jockey. GV Golden Miller finishes. Tracking shot Davy Jones. LS same runs off track. HAS Reynoldstown wins.
Sport; Horse racing; Gambling; Newspapers; Newsreels
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Geoffrey Sumner
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