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The Edinburgh Festival


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
22 Aug 1957
Date submitted
18 Aug 1957
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The Edinburgh Festival
  2. 2Model Engineers
  3. 3Malaya Regalia
  4. 4India’s Independence Day
  5. 5In Father’s Footsteps
  6. 6U-Boats Again
  7. 7Stirling Moss Wins Again
  8. 8Evasive Action


Story No. within this Issue
1 / 8
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Opening of Edinburgh Festival. DESCRIPTION: Edinburgh is in Festive Mood for the eleventh International Festival of Music and Drama. The audience have come from all over the world, some 250,000 people are expected to visit the city during this entertaining three weeks. 239.000 tickets have been printed for the various productions which feature some 2,000 artists. SHOTLIST: MLS of Edinburgh Castle. Various shots of the military bands playing. Shots of the Canadian Mounties. King’s African Rifles marching. Various shots of Turkish cadets performing. Shots of the Band of the Turkish Janizaries performing. EDINBURGH FESTIVAL (Special long length) CARD 71521 - NEG IN GR NEG CAN GV castle from Princes Street. GV another angle same. LS Princes Street. LS Carlton Hill overlooking Princes Street. LS visitors walking along Princes Street. LS group chatting on corner. LS people crossing street. MS couple of arty types walking. LS people crossing the street. LS building in Princes Street pan down to gardener. LS P Street with decorations. CU same. LS same. LS Livingstone statue, Scott Monument behind. MS group feeding pigeons. CU same. MS J Knox statue. CU name of same. MS Pakistan visitors walking in the street. MS family from Michigan drinking. MS Canadian cowboy with girl from Los Angeles. CU same with soldier on guard at castle. MS Indian family look up at castle. CU parents. CU children. MS family from Oklahoma pose for photographs. MS Sikh from Malaya talks with kids. CU same. SS same. FMS Australian girls talk to policeman. CU of seven posters. LS entrance to Assembly Hall. LS interior actors at rehearsal. MS actors on stage. Another angle actors. MS two men adjust dress. CU same. MS Ernest Thessinger and Sebastian Shaw acting. Closer same, Leslie Hurry interrupts. Robert Speight and Robert Eddison talking. MS group, Thessinger, Eddison. Clare Austin and Speight. Speight with Christopher West the producer. MS West arranges Miss Austin’s ruff. LS procession leaving the city chambers. Crowd watching. LS procession going through the high street. Closer same. LS the procession entering St Giles’ Square and entering the Cathedral. Crowd. SS procession crossing the St Giles’ Square. MS Turkish Ambassador with a councillor and wife watching the procession. LS procession. SS same. LS entering the church. Closer Turkish Ambassador enters. GV Edinburgh Castle.
Local distribution only
Also, for Scotland only, long version (410’) of story instead of items 1-3.
Buildings and structures; Entertainment and leisure; Ceremonies; Police; Birds; Cinema; Local government; Animals; Performing arts; Military
Edinburgh; Scotland
Card file number
Geoffrey Sumner
John Charles Elder
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