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Sir Anthony Eden at Bradford


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British Movietone News


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23 Jan 1956
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19 Jan 1956
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  1. 1Sir Anthony Eden at Bradford
  2. 2Monte Carlo Rally
  3. 3Cyprus Bulletin
  4. 4Cyprus Bulletin
  5. 5Cyprus Bulletin
  6. 6Cyprus Bulletin
  7. 7Cyprus Bulletin
  8. 8Downhill Crack Up
  9. *The Queen with School Boys

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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Eden’s Speech at Bradford. DESCRIPTION: Nation wide interest focussed on Bradford in anticipation of the Prime Minister’s speech, in which, it was expected he would answer his critics, in defence of his Government. SHOTLIST: TPS of Bradford town centre. MCU poster advertising Anthony Eden speaking. Pan down poster. CU of Anthony Eden making speech. This country is not on its way down and this Government is not on its way out. I answer for the Government, we were elected not for 6 months or 8 months but for 5 years and its on our record that at the end of 6 years that we are prepared to be judged and I am sure Mr Chairman, if God wills us to to be there on that day. Cut in crowds clapping. MLS Anthony Eden continuing his speech. There in a time of full employment, no one is justified in behaving as if there was unemployment and that applies to brain elevators [sic] and to meat porters too. MLS Anthony Eden drinking his water. Ladies and gentleman, we think its become increasingly unlikely that any country possessing the hydrogen bomb would deliberately use it against a rival power that owns it also. We intend to own it also. Cut in people clapping. Speech - All over the world today, the trend towards self government continues in the countries of the British Commonwealth and Empire. And the address of the power which the goons? dominates its satellites is the Kremlin, Moscow. Scuffle on stage as Miss Green (Secretary of the League of Empire Loyalists) shouts abuse at Anthony Eden. Shot of Miss Green being led away. Anthony Eden - I do not think that that was a justified observation, if I may say so. We have set our hands to a task, we never doubted its ??. We shall carry it through till we have discharged it and can honourably reply to you that your servants have thought to be of wealth to the nation and the world at last. Anthony Eden sits down.
Politics and government; Demonstrations
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David Lewis Jacobs
John Davies
Norman Fisher
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