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Critical Days in Persian Oil Issue


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
2 Jul 1951
Date submitted
28 Jun 1951
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1SS United States Christened
  2. 2Korean Truce Possible, Says Malik
  3. 3Critical Days in Persian Oil Issue
  4. *Keenan Wins Gory Title Fight

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Story No. within this Issue
3 / 3
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Critical Days in Persian Oil Issue. DESCRIPTION: Would the refinery at Abadan, which produces 25 million tons of oil a year have to close? The Persian oil crisis had reached this stage. Meanwhile, British families arrive at London Airport from Abadan. Iran, at the turn of the century was a country of deserts and mountains. In 1908 British prospectors found oil, and in the years that followed the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company not only built the largest refinery in the world at Abadan, but also a town containing 170,000 inhabitants. All the amenities of life in Abadan were due to the Company. If the British left Persia, would there be sufficient technicians available elsewhere in the world (including Russia) to enable the Persians to carry on? And what would be the probable effect in Persia of British withdrawal? In London, Mr Jackson, the Company’s Deputy Chairman answers these questions. SHOTLIST: Cut story - KS. GV oil refinery - Abadan. . Abadan - shots of the refinery - day & night shots. Slip-pan. London Airport - Britons from Persia alight from plane, several shots of mothers, children & few fathers. Map of Persia, mixing to a closer map of the oil area. Aerial of mountains in Persia. Elevated GV rivers with primitive craft on same. Oil seeping from mountains. GVs fires from oil burning areas in mountains. GV No 1 derrick. CU looking down derrick to drill entering ground. GV pipelines. CU various names on pipelines. Various derricks at foothills of mountains. Aerial of island - Abadan. Shows complete oil refinery industry. Houses under construction. Elevated GV modern housing estate. MS older type houses with gardens & trees. MS pumping water station, piston rods in action. Hosing plants & trees. Persians enjoying relaxation at swimming pool. Dustmen collect dust etc. Newspaper being printed. Spraying walls & straw roof of house with disinfectant. Interior - child schoolroom. SCU small child. Persian playing rugby. Children enter school building. MS persian boys in classroom. Also using lathes, technical training. GV Abadan street, bus passes along. Persian leaving Abadan refinery, several shots. Elevated GV Lali Bridge, & people walking across same - out of camera. CU various parts of the working parts of the refinery. GV tankers off Abadan. 4 gallon cans being conveyed along to port. GV oil tankers & SCU names including British Guardsman, British Admiral, British Virture, British Pilot. London - CU nameplate Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Ltd., GV exterior - AI Oil Co. Ltd. office, Finsbury Circus. Interior - SCU Mr Jackson, & CU Mr Jackson replying to questions asked about the oil situation, & technicians.
Sport; Education and training; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Mass media; Ships and boats; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Environment; Aviation; Domestic life; Transport; Business and commerce; Fires; Industry and manufacture; Engineering; Newsreels
Footage sources
Anglo-Iranian Oil Co Ltd
Green Park Studios
Card file number
Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Lionel James Gamlin
Norman Fisher
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