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War Pictorial News


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Date Released
8 Mar 1943
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Raid on Naples
  2. 2Russia


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2 / 2
President Kalinin addresses the people of Russia at Christmas time. Children relax round the Christmas tree and watch a display by performing dogs. In the factories, arms are churned out ceaselessly; the workers wish each other a happy new year. Russian fighting men in action in the Russian winter. Shots of the siege and battle of Stalingrad. The German base of Velikie-Lukie falls to Russian offensive. Battle rages, street to street, building to building. Dead Germans lying in the snow. Red Army soldiers relax and play a piano in the snow. More shots of men in action, jumping from tanks, continuing the offensive from town to town. US NATIONAL ARCHIVE ENTRY: 10 min, sd, B&W, 35mm President Kalinin speaks in Moscow. Russian children gather around a Christmas tree. Munitions are produced in a Russian factory. Russian tanks and artillery fire at night. Tanks and infantry move up. German positions are bombed. Russian infantry enter a liberated village passing abandoned German equipment and German corpses in the snow. Civilians embrace their liberators. Anti-aircraft downs a German plane. A rocket barrage is laid down. Record Group 208 Accession III-NAV-262
Politics and government; Entertainment and leisure; Weapons; Aviation; Celebrations and festivals; Industry and manufacture; Military
Rex Keating

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The IWM also preserves the original nitrate film copies for the World War II period of British Paramount News, Gaumont British News and Universal News.
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