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Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Royal Visit to North Wales


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
25 Jul 1946
Date submitted
22 Jul 1946
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  6. *Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Royal Visit to North Wales

* Story has local or special distribution


Section Title
Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: King and Queen at Chester. DESCRIPTION: Their Majesties first visited Chester before going to Conway, Snowdonia and Caernarfon. SHOTLIST: Chester - MCU Naval officers lined up in front of crowd. GV royal car arrives in rain. TS cars draw up at Town Hall. MS King shakes hands with Lord Mayor. MCU Queen shakes hands with Lord Mayor, in both cases umbrellas are held over them. MS Their Majesties up steps of Town Hall. TS ditto. LAS Their Majesties on balcony of Town Hall, King salutes and Queen waves. TS looking down on crowd. LS crowd pan to Town Hall. LAS King & Queen on balcony. Conway - Crowd line road as royal car passes with castle in background. GV royal car stops amid crowd and Their Majesties out. MS King & Queen with Mayor, Alderman Parry, Queen holds umbrella. TS Their Majesties and crowd. CU Their Majesties seated in car as King signs Visitors Book. TS royal cars away through crowd. Snowdonia - MS Their Majesties on mountainside look at map pan to mountain. Caernarfon - GV Caernarfon Castle. BS King receives Key of Castle. MCU key into padlock. TS looking down through crenallations at Their Majesties & party. GV Their Majesties review Civilian Services within Castle. TS looking down on review (x2). GV crowd outside Castle look up tilt up to Their Majesties on balcony. BS Their Majesties on balcony with crowd beyond.
Local distribution only
Special for Liverpool only
Chester; Caernarvon; Conway; Snowdonia
Footage sources
Card file number
Lionel James Gamlin
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