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Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: The Thrust into Holland


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British Movietone News


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28 Sep 1944
Date submitted
22 Sep 1944
Date submitted
25 Sep 1944
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: Anti Fascist Fury in Rome
  2. 2Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: Boulogne is Freed
  3. 3Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: The Thrust into Holland
  4. *Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: Royal Tour of Scotland

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3 / 3
Section Title
Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: The Thrust Into Holland. DESCRIPTION: For the moment the focal point of the war is the British 2nd Army’s advance to link up with the airborne forces at Arnhem. Valkenswaard was the first place to be freed and it was then onto Eindhoven. Whilst the Dutch rejoiced in Eindhoven the battle for the Rhine crossing continued. SHOTLIST: Cut story - AFU - KS. Dawn shot of troops preparing to cross Escaut Canal. Dawn shots shows sections of bridges on pontoons carrying Bren Carriers, small artillery across river, this is rowed across. Small artillery loaded onto section. Troops (British) march along road - dawn. GS of 88mm. KO gun on side of road. Roads lined with British transport, tanks etc., German prisoners come in, some carry their own wounded on stretchers. GV of British troops crossing fields, also entering town of Valkenswaard, various shots of happy Dutch people watching troops pass through. CU typical Dutchman. Sherman tanks, Bren Carriers etc. pass through street. Shots of mechanised units passing through Eindhoven, crowds line streets cheering etc. AFU - Crowds cheering our troops as through the streets they pass. Crowds wave flags etc.. CU types. Various shots close-ups, elevated shot of people dancing in the street. Gliders in the air en route to Holland, various shots. Tanks carrying American soldiers pass along road, these are US Airborne troops. Before leaving Eindhoven there was a shot showing a Dutch Nazi brought through the crowds, who hit him as he passes.
Ships and boats; Music and dance; Vehicles; Health and medicine; Environment; Weapons; Aviation; Celebrations and festivals; Ceremonies; Victory celebrations; War damage; Prisoners of war; Occupied territories; Military; Awards and honours
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Army Film Unit
British Paramount
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Leslie Mitchell
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