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Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: Libyan Clean-Up


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
30 Nov 1942
Date submitted
26 Nov 1942
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: Libyan Clean-Up
  2. 2Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: Trailer: "Is Your Journey Necessary"


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1 / 2
Section Title
Movietone’s War Time News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: ‘Clean Up in Libya’. DESCRIPTION: The historic record of the Eighth Army’s sweep across the desert gives an ever-to-be-remembered impression of the great British victory. SHOTLIST: Cut Story - Dawn shots of Crusader tanks advancing and silhouettes of lorries advancing. Day shots of lorries being driven through mud and flooded roads, convoy along and into camera. MS Crusader tank. Formations, angle shots of Mitchells and Baltimores. Bombs going down and then bits registered on ground. Nazi fighter goes down in flames. Explosion by tree, which is supposed to be plane as it hits ground. Masses of wrecked planes, Messerschmitt and Focke-Wulf, wrecked guns and many others salvaged vehicles, etc. Salvage dump. Infantry advancing over mud. CU soldiers boots in mud, turning over German helmet with bayonet in mud. Infantry advance over sand-dunes, fall to ground as shell bursts ahead of them, advance and bursts continue. German soldier in dug-out surrenders, is given water. Shot taken from under gun showing troops advancing. General Thoma captured: gets out of German ‘Bren’ Carrier, walks with officers to Montgomery and salutes, shakes hands. Soldiers confused over signposts. Crusaders and Sherman with 6" guns advance into camera. Union Jack flying on tower of mosque. Outside Mersa Matruh, winding convoy. Shot of cinema Royal and ruins in towns as convoy passes. Convoy passing Hellfire Pass. At heights of Sollum (scenes). Tobruk, sea intervening. Queen’s Own Regiment entering Tobruk. Cat in road. Photo of Hitler. Soldier standing on Swastika flag, replaced by Union Jack. Sailors help soldiers to unload stores and supplies from ship. Mostly oil. Thousands of prisoners marching across desert. CU side of propeller turning on bomber. Aerial shots also. Cuts - German prisoners marching through barbed wire, entering camps, lounging about on ground. Stacks of blankets. Stacks of helmets. Shots of prisoners some walking, others getting off lorry. CU Italian prisoner driving own lorry. Army advancing one endless line of lorries. German Mark II Tank gun turret shot away, lying on ground about 10 yards away. Night shots of convoy VG. Crusader tank passing graves of German soldiers. Shots of wreckage, all types. 88mm. mobile gun after receiving direct hit. Equipment burning, German officer being searched, also prisoners. Wrecked planes: FW190; Mess.109; some are untouched, interior shots also. Pan of some booty, heavy guns, light guns, tanks, lorries, carriers, etc. Camouflaged Gotha glider. Pan of desert. Convoy of lorries along railway track. Pan of Mersa Matruh, Infantry entering same. Crusaders & Sherman entering MM. Same into camera. Sunken ships in harbour. Tank crew stop for lunch. CU bully beef, also cooking sausages. Unloading petrol from van, and pouring into tank petrol tank. Dusk shot of tank (Crus.) & others on the move. Sentry with Tommy gun guarding tanks. Silhouette of soldiers in front of tanks. Mont. with officers looking at map. Mont. walks over to Sherman, climbs in, looks through binoculars at landscape. LS fires in desert. Unseen artillery shelling enemy LS Crus. towing another. Thoma walking along coast road, background sea. Jeep through streets. CU back view of sergeant with tommy gun pointed at prisoners marching down road. Italian flag covering equipment on sand. Long convoy various angles. Night shots of German tanks burning. GS of blitzed houses interiors. Dead German lying by tree, dead pilot in Mess.109. Wreckage of all kinds including motor bike, cars, etc. Shot of petrol tanks massed on desert. Prisoners climbing into railway trucks, signal drops. Shell hit near Mk.III, tank begins to burn. Hurricanes flying low over convoy. German seaplane wrecked in harbour. Indian prisoners being released. German cemetery, our officers inspecting. Railway ruins, various shots. CU Windscreen of lorry showing how bullets had hit same but not pierced it. CU Crus. bogey wheels pan to complete tank. Elevated shot of convoy winding down road. CU Alexander by Crusader tank. CU Major General (unnamed) tank corps. GS of El Daba airfield, showing German planes untouched, also wrecked ones. Crusaders are carrying 6" guns, various shots of same. Soldiers putting out burning lorry with sand & CTC. Damaged Heinkel III on El Daba airfield. Pan of same, bombs left behind. GS pan of wrecks lying everywhere. Lockheed crash lands, it had undercarriage shot away LS, jeep out of camera over to same. Bomb doors closing of Mitchell. Mitchells taking off. LS. Formation patrol wagon filling up bomber. Dawn shot of sun rising & Sherman tank on road - excellent. Dead Germans including skeleton of one. Locating live mines. Pan of battlefield with burning wreckages. Retrieving damaged Sherman. Heinkel 52 crashed. Shell of smashed Wellington. Union Jack flying right way up. General Freyberg leading tanks through ?
Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Ships and boats; Vehicles; Food and cooking; Environment; Weapons; Aviation; Railways; Transport; Fires; Death; Explosions; War damage; Prisoners of war; Navy; Accidents and disasters; Animals; Military; Religion and belief; Scenery and travel
Footage sources
United States of America
Army Film Unit
British Paramount
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Leslie Mitchell
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