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Sound + Vision

  • Digital Betacam is priced at £40 for the first 30 mins, £45 up to 45 mins, then £50 for 60+ mins.
  • VHS and other tape formats (excluding Digibetas) are priced at £15 for the first hour of footage (minimum charge)*, and £8 for each subsequent hour.
  • Transfer of 16mm prints is £40 for the first 400 feet (minimum charge)*, and 9p per foot thereafter.
  • Conversion between digital formats is priced at a flat rate of £5 per file.

*Please note this charge applies to each individual roll of film/video cassette

+25% discount available to Learning on Screen member institutions and Charities


  • Printed documents scanned using imaging software are priced at 5p per page.
  • Printed documents scanned using OCR software are priced at 15p per page.

All prices exclude VAT

Cataloguing and Metadata
The cost and feasibility of this will depend on the size of the project being undertaken, as well as the volume/thoroughness of data you require. Please contact with enquiries.

For further information, contact Frazer Ash:
Tel: 020 7393 1503