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An interview with Forced Marriages and Honour Based Abuse director, Matt Howcroft

Hi Matt, thank you for giving some time to speak to us. Talking quite generally first of all, why do you feel it’s important to use moving image in teaching and learning?

Moving image engages learners by communicating many different topics, for example, impossible field trips to outer space and inside the human body. It helps illustrate complex concepts in a creative and interesting manner, which can increase learner motivation and enhance the learning experience

Can you tell us a little bit about your film? What was the process behind it?

Forced Marriages and Honour Based Abuse was a video we created in collaboration with the Institute of Education at the University of Derby, and Karma Nirvana. The reason for creating the video was to raise awareness for education students and also for them to use as a discussion tool.

Is there a standard approach you follow when making these types of films?

The process we go through to create videos like Forced Marriages and Honour Based Abuse differs depending on the amount of information needed in the video. With Forced Marriages, we wanted it to be a hard-hitting and emotional piece, where we had survivors talking openly and frankly about their story, interwoven with experts talking about the wider issues. This was helped with support from Karma Nirvana, getting survivors to speak on camera.

Why do you think it’s important to recognise and celebrate educational film production on a national platform like the Learning on Screen Awards?

Recognising educational film on a national level is essential. It puts the production companies and educational institutions on a stage where what they created for in-house for teaching and learning is recognised externally – this gives people confidence that what they’ve made is at a high level and valuable. For us more directly, getting recognised helps promote the use of media in teaching and learning more within our own institution, giving it greater credibility.

Why did you decide to enter this film?

We decided to enter Forced Marriages and Honour Based Abuse, to raise awareness of the cause.

How did it feel to win?

As it’s the third time we’ve won this category, it’s nice to know we are still making great educational videos.

Thank you Matt. Hopefully we’ll see you again at next year’s Awards!