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Student Production College Higher Education Award

Vicdeo Holding Slide



Synopsis: A journey of confusion and struggle as a man tries to figure out what it is that he is searching for. Along the way it all starts to unravel and the true meaning breaks through.

Jury Comments: The judges found this film intriguing and compelling, with striking cinematography and an atmospheric use of music.


Mr Perfect

The Manchester College


Synopsis: The poem was written by the director and underscored by original music written and performed by another student specifically for the film. The students worked with the words of the poem to accentuate all that Mr Perfect was. Foley and FX’s were added to each scene to add the feeling he was super perfect.

Jury Comments: Mr Perfect was made to show how film can creatively support the written word and features an original poem and music at its heart. The judges commented on the good use of foley sound and atmospheric, expressionist feel.


Stars on Mars

The Manchester College


Synopsis: Stars on Mars explores the dramatic potential of a televised Mars mission while satirising reality television.

Jury Comments: The judges praised the impressive set design, lighting, character-driven script and excellent performances.


Terminal Hospitality

The Manchester College


Synopsis: Drawing inspiration from a comic book, Terminal Hospitality uses dark humour to explore violent obsession.

Jury Comments: The judges enjoyed the film’s blackly comic script and praised its set design and mise en scène.