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General Education Broadcast Award

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Exodus: Our Journey to Europe

The Open University

Synopsis: In 2015, cameras were given to some of the one million people who were trying to enter Europe in the hope of fleeing conflict, unrest and poverty. Filmed by both refugees themselves and a production team, the result is a terrifyingly intimate yet uniquely epic portrait of the biggest movement of people that Europe has seen since World War Two.

Jury Comments: This unique film gave cameras to refugees trying to enter Europe, after fleeing conflict, unrest and poverty. The film captures their voices and their experiences, offering a sobering and compelling experience for the audience.


My Hero: Jacqui Oatley and Kyra Balderstone

Footstep Productions Ltd

Synopsis: Kyra loves sport and she loves journalism. Her dream is to be a Sports Presenter and her chosen sport is rugby. Kyra wants to be the first woman on mainstream TV to ever commentate on international rugby matches. Her inspiration and hero is Jacqui Oatley, the first woman to ever commentate on Premier League football. After setting Kyra a couple of presenting challenges, Jacqui advises her on presentation technique before inviting her to join her in the studio – to discover if she really is cut out to be a professional sports presenter and commentator.

Jury Comments: This honest and inspiring production follows aspiring sports presenter Kyra, who meets and works with professional sports commentator and presenter Jacqui Oatley. Judges commented that this aspirational production would encourage students with their own dreams and ambitions, and would be particularly useful in a teaching environment.


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My Life: Marvellous Messy Minds

Nine Lives Media

Synopsis: The film follows Libby, Ethan and Oliver as they learn to control their mental health to achieve simple goals. Libby has anxiety but is determined to conquer it, so she can walk to school on her own. Ethan’s ADHD means he has low self-esteem and is unable to speak on the phone, but wants to build his confidence. Oliver has OCD which makes him afraid of germs and dirt, but he’s determined to learn to control it. My Life follows these three young people as they each go through treatment so they can overcome everyday obstacles.

Jury Comments: This insightful film aims to break down the stigma associated with mental illness by helping a young audience understand more about it. The judges commented on the bravery of the young people who were interviewed and praised the production’s use of animation and music to address its target audience.


Secrets of the Brain: Memory

Lambent Productions

Synopsis: Remarkable experiments, bizarre medical conditions and stunning illusions that reveal the inner workings of your mind. Neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis goes in search of people with unusual neurological conditions that give us a fascinating insight into how our brains work. With the mischievous help of magician Pete Heat and a host of revealing challenges, we’ll challenge you to test your own brain & find out just how easily your mind can be tricked. In this episode of Secrets of the Brain Jack meets the world memory champion and a man who can remember every single day of his life.

Jury Comments: This entertaining production brings popular science content to viewers in an interactive and accessible way, inviting viewers to take part and put their own memories to the test. Judges praised the inclusivity of the production and the engaging contributors who provide fascinating insights into the workings of the brain.