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Courseware & Curriculum Non-Broadcast Award

A World Without Maths: What is Division?

Plastic Milk Ltd for BBC Learning

Synopsis: A World Without Maths is an animated series introducing children to multiplication and division for the first time. Designed to be used in the classroom the series transports the viewer to a world where maths has been forgotten.  In this absurd land everyone finds themselves in the position of the first time learner. Mum, Dad, Dave the builder, all perfectly normal….except they don’t know any maths. Tricky situations ensue and their attempts to resolve them are often bizarre and funny.     Fortunately, help is at hand! Armed with extendable numberlines, push scooters and capes two small superheroes come to the rescue.

Jury Comments: This endearing animated film was part of a series, aimed at introducing students to multiplication and division for the first time. Judges praised its colourful animation style and the use of familiar situations for young children to relate to.


I Can’t Go To School Today

BBC Learning

Synopsis: These short animated documentaries tell the stories of five children struggling with chronic illness, living markedly different lives to their peers. They show how chronic illness can isolate a child: looking and feeling different, having long absences from friends and undergoing experiences that others can’t understand. Following the children through their treatments, we see above all their bravery and resilience and the incredible power of children to adapt, stay strong and keep positive in the face of life-threatening conditions.

Jury Comments: Judges described this film as touching and beautifully animated. It was praised for the strength of character exhibited by the children and the use of voiceovers from the children themselves.


Shia // Sunni

CTVC Ltd /


Synopsis: A short drama to help students understand the main differences between the Shia and Sunni branches of Islam. When Fatimah (a Shia Muslim) stops to help Abubakr (a Sunni Muslim) recover from his asthma attack, they get talking. And then the argument begins.

Jury Comments: This short drama was produced to help students understand the main differences between the Shia and Sunni branches of Islam. The judges praised the acting, use of humour and beautifully recorded sound, commenting that the film would be useful in prompting debate in an education setting.


The Good Viva Video

Angel Productions


Synopsis: Like the original Good Viva Video produced in 2007, the all-new 2016 version combines drama scenes showing a PhD viva and the preparation in advance of it, with expert commentary from experienced supervisors and examiners.

Jury Comments: This resource was produced to support doctoral students through the viva process and follows a fictional character as she prepares for her viva. The video is interspersed with commentary from experienced examiners and supervisors providing additional guidance. The judges felt this was a well-packaged resource with really useful, practical advice that would guide any PhD student preparing for their viva.