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Courseware & Curriculum In-House Production Award

Forced Marriages and Honour Based Abuse

University of Derby

Synopsis: Although illegal in the UK, forced marriages, where young girls are sent abroad to be married without their consent, still pose a massive threat to thousands of individuals. This film reveals the stories of three survivors of forced marriage and honour-based abuse, violent crimes committed to defend the ‘honour’ of the family, uncovering their experiences and the abuse endured from close relatives and their community.

Jury Comments:  Though interviews the survivors share their experiences of abuse, endured at the hands of close relatives. The judges commented that it was an effective, thought provoking and well-constructed film.


Making Freedom

University of Nottingham

Synopsis: Renowned historian, Arthur Torrington CBE, is a director of the Windrush Foundation, curator of the Making Freedom exhibit and co-founder of The Equiano Society. In this video, he discusses the role of self-emancipation and rebellion across history looking specifically at the emancipation of African slaves in the Caribbean of 1838.

Jury Comments: Designed to give an introduction to the subject of ‘self liberation’ at the start of the final week of a Future Learn course about slavery, this short lecture draws on the travelling exhibition of the same name. Judges praised its exploration of interesting content and the fascinating interactive map.


Poor Dorothy

University of Portsmouth

Synopsis: An interactive media resource covering an investigation from the first report to court, and every investigative stage in between. This production was undertaken by students, police practitioners and academics working side-by-side, making the content relevant and applied and encouraging deeper analysis of the associated issues and better interpretation of crime events.

Jury Comments: Judges praised this film as an effective learning resource that would be useful to dissect in lessons.