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Winners 2013

The winners of the Learning on Screen Awards 2013 are:

General Education Broadcast Award

Mixed Britannia
BBC Production for BBC Two
Director & Producer: Fatima Salaria

Britain in 2011 has proportionately one of the largest mixed populations in the Western world, but a hundred years ago mixed race people lived on the edges of British society. This programme explores the story of romance in the First World War between female workers and foreign seamen, the street riots it led to, and how Britain just escaped laws preventing mixed marriage and the excesses of race science.

General Education Non Broadcast Award

Physics Lives
Institute of Physics (IOP)
Director & Producer: Kevin Hull

A DVD resource of four short films focusing on the work of four very different research physicists. The resource is aimed at anyone who has ever wondered what physicists do, why they do it and how physics is applied.

General Education Multimedia Award

The Curzon Memories App
University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol
Director & Producer: Dr. Charlotte Crofts

Curzon Memories is a location-based app which enables the user to explore inside and outside of the historic Curzon Community Cinema, Clevedon with their smartphone, using GPS and QR codes to trigger context-specific content, including oral histories, dramatisations of the family who built the cinema, archive photographs, architectural details and interpretation of cinema technology artefacts.

Courseware and Curriculum Broadcast Award

After Life: Rot Box Detectives
BBC Scotland for BBC Two Learning Zone
Director: Emma Bond; Producer: Gerald Strother

For two months, a glass box containing a typical kitchen and garden was left to rot in full public view within Edinburgh Zoo. In this resulting documentary aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils, presenter Dr George McGavin and his team use time-lapse cameras and specialist photography to capture the extraordinary way in which moulds, microbes and insects are able to break down our everyday things and allow new life to emerge from old.

Courseware and Curriculum Non Broadcast Award

Bespoke Men’s Suit Construction Master Classes by Henry Poole & Co
London College of Fashion
Director: Mark Raeburn; Producer: Oliver Furlong

A series of video learning resources showing how to produce a bespoke men’s suit. Pattern cutters and tailors from Henry Poole demonstrate their skills to London College of Fashion Staff on camera take the audience through the whole suit construction process.

Courseware and Curriculum Multimedia Award

PSHE & Citizenship
Senior Producer: Nia M Davies; Producer: Angharad Jones, Anest Gwyn, Marc Real; Design: James Stagg

A website for 14-18 year olds to facilitate PSHE and Citizenship teaching based on the BBC My Murder drama. The learning content highlights the serious dangers and consequences of gang culture and provide discussion points around the themes of bullying, power, respect and the joint enterprise law. The content features exclusive character monologues which is intended to spark challenging and balanced debate.

Education In-House Production Award

Celebrating Dickens Documentary
University of Warwick
Executive Producer: Emily Little; Director & Producer: Jonothon Lees

A documentary produced on the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’ birth. Supported by the Dickens family; Warwick’s academics, students, honorary graduates and world-renowned Dickens experts, explore the authors life, works and enduring legacy. Filmed at relevant locations it provides an audio-visual feast of research, artwork, publications and passages from the novels.

Student Production Undergraduate & FE Award

A Human Vice
University of Westminster
Director: Steven Chamberlain; Producer: Simon Waldock

The worst cupid in Heaven’s history is given an ultimatum: complete his next match or face damnation. He’ll need all his skill and a lot of coffee to discover the true meaning of love.

A Human Vice was produced on the BA Film and Television Production course.

The winner of this category received Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Production Premium.

Student Production Postgraduate Award

The Mass of Men
National Film and Television School
Director: Gabriel Gauchet; Producer: Emily Morgan

Richard, an unemployed 55-year-old, arrives 3 minutes late for his appointment at a job centre. An advisor, stifled by the limits of the system she works in, has no choice but to penalise him for his tardiness. To avoid plunging further into destitution, Richard takes desperate measures.

The Mass of Men was produced on the MA Fiction Direction course.

The winner of this category will receive Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 Production Premium.

Special Commendation

The following two productions received a Special Commendation certificate from the jury:

Education In-House Production Award

The Power of Comparative Genomics
University of Leicester Multimedia Services
Director & Editor: Carl Vivian

This online video involves side-by-side analysis of the complete DNA sequence from different species. Employing a combination of interviews, laboratory footage and bespoke animation, the video highlights an example in which comparison of the human genome with the DNA from two plant species shone the spotlight onto a previously unidentified gene responsible for a range of diseases in humans.

Student Production Undergraduate & FE Award

Truro College
Director & Producer: Vic Hill

An animation about a sheep who can’t hum in tune with her flock, aimed at children’s TV.

Gertrude was produced on the HND in Media Moving Image course, as part of a Fiction Production module.

Special Jury Award

Head Over Heels
National Film and Television School
Director: Tim Reckart; Producer: Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly

A husband and wife have grown apart over the years. He lives on the floor, she lives on the ceiling, and the marriage hangs in the balance.

Head over Heels was produced on the MA Animation Direction course.

Premier Award

The Story of Film: An Odyssey
Hopscotch Films for More 4
Director: Mark Cousins; Producer: John Archer

Made for a general audience, the series provides a worldwide guided tour of the greatest films ever made and tells the story of international cinema through the history of cinematic innovation. It encourages viewers to watch a broader range of films from around the world and shows innovation happened beyond Hollywood.

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