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The nominations have been announced for the Learning on Screen Awards 2018. For our fourteenth annual awards, we have completely revamped our categories to reflect the ongoing developments in audiovisual education.

To mark this pivotal moment in the history of the awards, we’re delighted that we received a record number of submissions across our 13 categories. All nominees will be showcased and the winners will be announced at the Learning on Screen Awards ceremony on the evening of Thursday 26 April 2018 at the BFI Southbank, London. 

The nominations are: 

Online Educational Resource Award

Sponsored by The Open University

BBC Teach Website
BBC Learning
Producer: Sam Datta-Paulin
Executive/Series Producer: Andrew Tomlinson

Climate Change: The Science
The University of Exeter
Directors: Tim Lenton, Damien Mansell
Producers: Liam Taylor, Ollie Chanter

Early Civilisations
Lizardfish TV/BBC Learning
Director and Producer: Amee Fairbank

The Politics of Economics and the Economics of Politicians
University of Nottingham
Directors: Alec Millward, Simon Barnett
Executive/Series Producers: Sir Vince Cable, Professor Kevin Lee

Promotional Film Award

Clearing – We’ve Saved a Space for You
University of Leicester
Director: Hayley Evans
Producer: Amy Cory
Executive Producer: Jon Shears

The Newcastle Brain Tissue Resource
Newcastle University, Digital Media Services
Producer: Sharon Foster

We Are Story
Falmouth University
Director: Alex Falconer
Producer: Christopher Morris

Your Move
University of Plymouth
Director and Producer: Toby Russell
Executive Producer: Clare Martin

Educational Film Awards (arts organisations, charities, museums)

Church History in Ten Minutes
CTVC Ltd/TrueTube
Director and Producer: Bob Ayres
Executive/Series Producer: Caroline Matthews

Like Me
CTVC Ltd/TrueTube
Directors and Producers: Bob Ayres, Adam Tyler
Executive/Series Producers: Stuart Porter, Peter Weil

CTVC Ltd/TrueTube
Director: Adam Tyler
Producers: Bob Ayres, Adam Tyler, Kim Roden
Executive/Series Producer: Caroline Matthews

Educational Film Award (colleges and universities)

Chisel Happy
University of Portsmouth
Directors: Jenn Feray, Maria Sorescu, Holly Mounter
Executive Producer: Jenn Feray

Grenfell Tower and Social Murder
The Open University
Director and Producer: Sian Hamlett (Hamlett Films)
Executive/Series Producer: Roshni Amin-Engineer

A Visit to a Family Home
The Open University
Director: Duska Zagorac
Executive Producers: Sian Hamlett (Hamlett Films) and Emma Piquemal

What is it Like to Go Through a Mental Health Crisis?
University of Kent
Created by: Sophia Ppali, Rhianna Taylor, Sammy Body, Roan Caulfield

Broadcast Award 

Sponsored by the Educational Recording Agency

Boston to Bermuda
Footstep Productions Ltd
Director and Producer: Colette Thomson

Éire na Nuachtscannán (Ireland in the Newsreels)
University College Cork
Director: Mac Dara Ó’Curraidhín
Associate Producer: Ciara Chambers

Raped: My Story
Lambent Productions
Director and Producer: Catey Sexton
Executive/Series Producer: Emma Wakefield, Ollie Tait

Time to Live
Wellbourne Productions/The Open University
Director and Producer: Sue Bourne

Archive Award

Sheffield Hallam University
Director and Producer: Esther Johnson

ITN Productions Education
Director: Dan Mills
Producer: Sonia Mullett
Executive Producers: Stephen Haggard/Adam Salkeld

Stand up to Racism
Kingston School of Art
Directors and Producers: George Zelonka and Jackson Lana

Audiovisual Essay Award

Sponsored by The Open University

Dubbing: Making the Voice Visible
University of Glasgow
Director: Beata Domeova

Into the Looking Glass – How Selfie Culture is Preparing us to Meet our Future Selves
Aberystwyth University
Directors: Greg Bevan, Glen Creeber

The Hand of Power: The Godfather Part I and Part II
The University of Glasgow
Director: Martina Amoretti

Lincoln School of Film Media, University of Lincoln
Director: Tony Richards

Student College Higher Education Award

10% Service Charge
Manchester Film School, The Manchester College
Director: Alison Wenner
Producer: Miguel Ramos
Executive Producer: Jim Grainger

Esher College
Director and Producer: Milo Mulvagh

I Want Your Love
Manchester Film School, The Manchester College
Director: Alison Wenner
Producer: Chiara Machino
Executive Producer: Jim Grainger

Manchester Film School, The Manchester College
Director: Charlotte Barlow
Producer: Chiara Machino
Executive Producer: Jim Grainger

Manchester Film School, The Manchester College
Director: Jobe Williams
Producer: Tobias Jones
Executive Producer: Jim Grainger

Student Undergraduate Award

University of Westminster
Director: Alexander Cole
Producer: Polly Rosier

University for the Creative Arts
Director: Emma Gilbertson
Producer: Christi Leigh Cooper

The Glasgae Boys
The University of Edinburgh
Director and Producer: Francesca Kennedy

Potty the Plant
Middlesex University
Director: Aeddan Sussex
Producer: Taliah Lamont

Student Postgraduate Award

School of Film and Media, University of Lincoln
Director: Jack Skelton
Producer: Laura Harper

Kingston School of Art
Director: Thomas Line
Producer: Oliver Brown

Nomad City Blues
Middlesex University
Director and Producer: Adolfo Vico

Writing Home
University of the West of Scotland
Directors: Nagham Abboud, Alekson Dall Armelina, Miriam Valesco
Producers: Mark Coffey, Jannik Ohlendieck

Student Documentary Award

The Crossmaker
Middlesex University
Director and Producer: Nora Keszeg

Elegy for a Working Man
University for the Creative Arts
Directors: Daniel Appleby, Tom Fernandes
Producer: Brad Kane

Hear Me Now
University of Stirling
Director: Maria Craig
Producer: Josefin Dahlin

Jumping Borders
Middlesex University
Director and Producer: Gabriela Acosta

Self Made Man
University of Westminster
Director: Yasmin Afifi
Producer: Harry Taylor