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  1. Density (2011)

    Sale, DVD (Region 0 NTSC, 26 minutes), $39.95

    This programme covers density as it relates to chemistry. It discusses mass and volume and concludes by showing that the ratio of these quantities (mass per unit volume) is a very useful way to compare...

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  2. Modelling Drug Therapy (1979 Video)

    Off-air recording licence Sale, Videocassette. Standard formats. col. 24 min., 1994 sale: (M101) £60.00 (+VAT +p&p) combined with three other programmes from the course on a single cassette. 1997 sale: (MS284/VC3) £55.00 (+VAT +p&p)

    The drug used in the treatment of acute asthma is theophylline and correct dosage is critical. Looks at how mathematical modelling was used to formulate the best treatement. One of the research physicians at...

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