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Advertising Layout (2 Parts)

Creating a successful print ad involves a dynamic mix of visual theory, consumer psychology, and nuts-and-bolts tinkering. This two-part series provides a thorough grounding in all of the above, familiarising students with the terminology and working concepts that successful graphic designers and advertising creatives make use of on a daily basis. Although both episodes are rich in detailed guidance, their class-friendly run times make them ideal for coursework in marketing, advertising, design, and commercial art. 2

Part 1: SPACE ALLOCATIONS - Covers space allocation for the main elements of a two-dimensional advertisement, including the illustration, headline, copy, and logo. The discussion covers the question of whether to use a photograph or original art for the illustration, as well as text issues such as overprinting, reverse type, and typefaces. It also provides examples of symmetrical and asymmetrical balance as well as the Kodak rule of thirds. Viewers are introduced to the layout concepts known as vertical half, horizontal half, corner half, white space, bleed, and borders. The conclusion features examples of simplicity, unity, and harmony in layout design

Part 2: VISUAL DIRECTION - Once advertising students have assimilated a basic knowledge of visual principles, they can move on to more advanced working methods. This programme shows how to attract a reader’s attention with the layout concepts commonly known as picture window, silhouette, square zero, Mondrian, closure, over-sizing, juxtaposition, surrealism, and shock. Examples show how graphic designers direct attention within an ad by using various compositional techniques - such as diagonal, standard, C, Z, overlapping, and spatial progression. The video concludes with a section on the importance and practical use of headlines and sub-headlines.
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Viewtech Educational Media

Lynda Morrell
NB. Viewtech ceased trading in 2014 and the company’s products are no longer in distribution For over 30 years Viewtech distributed programmes from leading specialist educational producers from around the world and since 2002 it included titles previously distributed in the UK by Educational Media Film & Video. The extensive collection covered all subjects within the primary and secondary curriculum and some materials, particularly in the areas of study skills and business, are applicable to further/higher education.

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