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Champions of the Wild (3 DVD Box Set)

A 3 DVD complete set of the 30-minute programmes in this nature series, in which wildlife champions use their insight gained in the field to explain the behaviour of the species they study, the nature of the research they are carrying out as well as their personal attachment to the animal they have dedicated their lives to.

Disc 1
Polar Bears - In Over 50 trips to the Arctic, photograher Dan Guravich has captured polar bears like nobody lse. Pandas - Dr. Sue Mainka has worked in China since 1987 to help ensure the survival of Pandas.
Grizzlie - Wayne McCrory is a passionate campaigner in protecting the grizzly bear’s rain forest habitat in British Columbia. Chimpanzees of Uganda - Colin Chapman follows endangered chimps and monkeys in the forest of Uganda’s Kibale National Park.
Costa Rican Monkeys - Dr. Linda Fedigan has spent two decades studying the Costa Rican monkeys at the Santa Rosa wildlife sanctuary.
Orangutans - Dr. Birute Galdikas rescues orphaned apes in the jungles of Borneo.
Gorillas - Dr. Pascale Sicotte fights to save mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

Disc 2
Wolves - Wolves run free again in Banff National Park thanks to Dr. Paul Paquet. Swift Foxes - Clio Smeeton re-introduces the swift fox to its Praire habitat.
Bengal Tigers - Anthony Marr works with Westerners and Indian villagers to save the Bengal tiger.
Black And White Rhinos - Courtland Parfet protects Rhinos on his ranch in Kenya and has probably saved the Black Rhino from extinction.
Elephants - Joyce Poole studies the elephants at Kenya’s Amboseli National Park.
Kenyan Wildlife Vet - Clark Lungren’s plan to save the wildlife of Burkina Faso in West Africa resulted in the Nazinga Game Reserve.

Disc 3 Humpbacks - Dr. Jim Darling’s studies of the Humpback may help this threatened whale.
St. Lawrence River Belugas - Robert Michaud runs a research center to help save the Beluga whales of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Sharks - Photographer Tim Calver and Dr. Sam Gruber explore the underwater world of the sharks in the Bahamas Dolphins - Diane Claridge and ken Balcomb fight for Dolphins in the Bahamas.
Giant Sea Turtles - Peter Pritchard protects Sea Turtles in Guyana.
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Discs are also available separately priced £19.99 each
animal behaviour; animal research; wildlife conservation; endangered species

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Region 2 PAL
440 minutes

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National Film Board of Canada

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