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GMTV Library Sales

GMTV is the UK’s leading Television Breakfast Show, going out live every weekday morning. The GMTV Library Sales has a
growing archive of footage from 1993 to the
present day, ranging across a broad variety
of subjects, including; Celebrity/Showbiz news,
events and interviews, Hard news, Travel and scenics material, Human interest stories, Political issues, Animal quirkies, Bloopers, The Royal Family, Lifestyle items,
Stock footage of everyday life images and much more....

NB Sales are now handled by ITN Source (qv)
Travel; Stock Footage; Celebrity stories; Showbiz news; showbiz events; interviews; Hard news; soft news; scenics; material; Human interest stories; Political issues; Animal quirkies; quirky stories; Bloopers; funny clips; The Royal Family; Lifestyle items
Access for outsiders
All requests must be in writing although initial phone calls are welcomed.
Researchers service all enquiries and viewing VHSs are compiled according to the footage requested. Viewing also available on premises subject to availability but not bookable.
Research, duplication,facility and handling fees are charged. Royalty fees charged according to rights required and/or Access fees for non-GMTV (c) footage supplied on master material.
Holdings include GMTV (c) and other (c) holders’ material which requires permission from said (c) holders to be used. Third party clearances apply in some circumstances. Advice available from Library Sales Contacts on these issues. Licensee responsible for all music clearances.

Moving Image, Audio and Related Documentation Holdings

Masters of cut stories, rushes and live daily programmes since 1993, held on betasp, digibeta or dvc-pro.


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44 (0) 207 430 4353
44 (0) 207 430 4453
c/o ITN Source

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