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Huntley Film Archives was founded by John Huntley in the mid-1940s. The collection, therefore, has come together slowly, centred on a catalogue of documentary films. The emphasis has always been on maintaining a film-based archive, mainly 35mm and 16mm, although the Archive holds large numbers of Standard and Super 8mm films as well as 9.5. All footage is mastered and preserved on film to ensure high quality and durability of the images. This is additionally important to this archive as it also presents around 150 films shows annually to audiences around the country who enjoy the opportunity to view documentary film in a cinema context. The footage can also be supplied to researchers and commercial users on their chosen tape or disc format. Viewing copies are available on VHS. The collections are increasing by about 1,000 titles per month. This includes a growing video archive and an increase in feature film holdings, particularly production and behind the scenes type footage. However, the bulk of the holdings are loosely, social history: the life of the ordinary person world-wide - work, domestic lives, transport, food, living conditions, leisure, education, traditions and religion.
Medicine; Comedies; Advertising films; Transport; Amateur films; Educational films; Industrial films; Fashion; Travelogues; Silent films; Social History; Leisure activities, social customs; Music Hall; Religion; Traditions, social customs
Access available. By appointment. Access for disabled. Ramp access.
Viewing on premises. Viewing off premises. Duplicating. Sales. VHS tapes are available on all holdings.
Charges for research for broadcast productions. Charges for research for academic purposes. Charges for facilities and handling. A price list is available upon request.
Copyright held. Copyright advice available.

Moving Image, Audio and Related Documentation Holdings

Reference library maintained.
Old movie projection and production equipment is available for loan to museums or prop departments.
Scripts collection.
There is a posters collection.
Sound recordings archive.
Still Images
Fully comprehensive stills collection. The Archive represents the Dalton-Nicholson Movie Stills Collection, 250,000 pictures from the best years of Hollywood. This collection includes sub-categories of stars and production.
Video components: Beta-SP, DigiBeta, VHS.
Film: 80,000 titles. 25,000 documentaries. 5,000 advertising films, 8,000 amateur films, 6,000 feature films, 6,000 medical films, 16,000 travelogues, 4,000 educational films and 9,000 industrial films. 50% colour, 50% black and white.
Film components: 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, 35mm, positive film, negative film, fine grain print.


Computerised database
Computer record retrieval is now fairly advanced. The Archive had a programme specially written for the library and it is highly effective at searching very wide or narrow criteria. Print out of full film synopsis is available. Visiting researchers and students are most welcome to browse the catalogue. The card index system has been retained, although this system is less accessible to the outside researcher. There will always be an experienced in-house researcher to assist, at no extra cost. Cataloguing is on-going.

Additional Information

The catalogue is available online to browse and order on
Conservation policy
The Archive is committed to film as master medium. All nitrate is to be transferred to safety stock and nothing is ever junked. Sometimes, films are deposited with archives more relevant to the subject matter. Safety films are also duplicated as an on-going process. Research and development of our restoration and conservation techniques is constantly updated.

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