The Halas & Batchelor Collection Limited

The animals read the commandments - cel from Animal Farm (1954) (copyright The Halas & Batchelor Collection Limited)
Promotion, preservation, conservation and and distribution of the work of Halas & Batchelor.The archive was completed in September 1996 to document the contribution Halas and Batchelor have made to the development of animation in England and Europe.

Most of the collection is on permanent loan to ARC, The Animation Research Centre at the University College for the Creative Arts (qv). The collection consists of film, tapes and production materials such as scripts, storybords and related materials.
Animated films; Batchelor, Joy; Godfrey, Bob; Halas, John; Reiniger, Lotte; Silhouette films
Information available by email or telephone regarding rights. No visits as most of the work is housed at the Animation Research Centre (ARC) at the University College for the Creative Arts Farnham campus or with the BFI National Archive or Imperial War Museum
Viewing on premises. Duplicating. Sales. Duplicating U-matic to VHS.
Copyright held.

Moving Image, Audio and Related Documentation Holdings

Video: Animated films.
Video components: VHS Video, hi-band U-Matic, lo-band U-Matic, Beta/Beta-SP, 1-inch Video.
Film: The collection comprises 140 titles; many are series. Some negative material is held although this hasn’t been checked for deterioration. As the archive is an animation archive, most of the films are series which vary from an hour in length to five minutes. Advertising, animated films.
Film components: 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, positive film, negative film, effects mix, final mix.

Artefact and Related Documentation Holdings

Animation cel set ups, loose cels.; Animation artwork and cels
Animation desk, peg bars, 3D viewer, and others to be catalogued by ARC
Not catalogued, partly at the Animation Research Centre in Farnham but the more personal materials such as production papers, war correspondence and passports, diaries etc are at The Halas & Batchelor Collection.; Contracts; Catalogues; Correspondence; Cue sheets; Diaries, unpublished memoirs etc; Sheet music; Scripts and treatments; Storyboards; Personal papers; Posters and promotional artwork; Photographs; Promotional literature; Other production documentation; Ephemera
Art works
Projection & Viewing
Collection of slides and photos from the studio and other graphic works collected by John Halas for articles for Graphis and Novum magazines as well as other publications.; Slides; Slide viewers
Sets & Costumes
Models from films such as A memory of Moholy Nagy; Models/maquettes; Set designs
Old tapes and optical sound negs; Sound effects recordings
TV, Video & Digital
Very old Sony TV and Umatic recording equipment; Television monitors


Computerised database

Additional Information

Other information
Scripts, music cue sheets and credits are available in English for all titles.
Conservation policy
Film and videotape are kept - nothing is thrown out although a fair percentage needs restoration, for which no funds are available as yet. For further information contact John Southall at SIIARA, tel: 01703-319477.
Artefact notes
ARC started by using file maker pro but then transfered the data base to excel

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