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Over 100 years of pictures and sound (photo courtesy of Fred Goodland Film & Video Archives)
These ever expanding, privately owned, archives of film, video and sound recordings are the result of over 50 years of enthusiast collecting and personal restoration work. Mr Goodland joined the film industry as a laboratory technician in 1959. Many years were spent preparing 35mm nitrate negatives and master positives for preservation onto safety stocks. Following years working as a picture and sound editor of film and video documentaries, he now utilises modern restoration facilities in maintaining image and sound materials held in his own collections.
Music; American cinema; Advertising films; Amateur films; Pop music; Trailers, films; Musicals; Travel
There is no visitor access.
Fees for research, transfers, etc are dependent on time taken and materials involved. Licence or access fees are dependent on client’s usage and status of copyright.
Public domain footage is licensed. Where copyright control is known to exist, rights must be cleared and royalty charges paid by the production company prior to use. Assistance will be given to identify current owners of film and music rights if known.

Moving Image, Audio and Related Documentation Holdings

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Video 8 and Hi8 Video, plus re-copyrighted American archive materials on deleted NTSC Laserdiscs.
Video components: Digibeta, Beta SP, Beta, VHS, Betamax, Hi-Band U-matic,
Film: Almost 600,000 feet of film, offering a wide range of entertainment and actuality material (1890s-1990s). Subjects include performances of popular music (1920s-1960s), early sound films and colour systems, technical film developments, vintage fashions, trailers, personalities, dance, amateur films, travel. amusing oddities and silent shorts.
Film components: 16mm, Super and Standard 8mm and some 35mm. Positives and dupe negatives, re-recorded magnetic masters and optical sound negatives.
Specialist sound components: Cinema 16" 33 1/3rd rpm shellac early talkie Vitaphone type sound-on-disc film tracks. Subjects include various musical shorts, a boxing documentary, feature extracts, plus atrailer and overtures for classic early musicals.


Computerised database
78 RPM discs are all database catalogued with full MCPS details. Other materials are being worked on. Catalogues are not published but enquiries are welcomed and personally researched by the owner.

Additional Information

Due to the diverse nature of the collections, no catalogues are available. All enquiries personally researched.
Conservation policy
Nothing is junked. Deteriorating material is copied where possible.

Main Contact

Mr. Fred Goodland MBKS
020 8539 4412 (24hours)
020 8539 4412
Fred Goodland Film and Video Services
81 Farmilo Road
E17 8JN

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