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  1. Water Skiing

    Date released
    31 Jul 1941
    Series name
    Pathe Gazette
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    1 film clip, 1 commentary sheet, 1 shot list

    Water skiiers at Santa Barbara give display of water skiing and jumping. They end with a torchlight run at night on water skis.

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  2. Advancing Water Quality (1991 Video)

    Environmental science
    Free loan, Videocassette. VHS. col. 9 min.

    Explains Advanced Water Treatment, an initiative that includes the use of granular activated carbon, ozone, and various other materials and techniques to improve the taste and odour of drinking water and...

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  3. Bottom’s Dream (1983 Film)

    John Canemaker

    Animation. A meditation on A Midsummer Night’s Dream blending pastels, pencil, water colour, and cels to evoke the clown’s bewildering experiences. Set to the Scherzo from Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer...

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  4. Water shortages report (1995)


    NewsDay reporter Paul Chapman talks to Environment Secretary John Gummer on the National Rivers Authority report on water conservation following a water crisis in a long hot summer. Discusses targets for...

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  5. ROT of 60 Minutes item about Thames Water’s reaction to a BBC Nationwide programme (1980)

    An interview by telephone with a spokeperson for Thames Water. The person complains about the BBC Nationwide programme. He says that the criticism about Thames Water is too much and explains the reasons....

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  6. Lots of hot water, quick! (1985)

    A comedy play for radio, written by Dick Sharples. Cast: Brian Cant and Paula Wilcox

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  7. Ophelia, Popular Culture, and Web 2.0

    9 Jul 2010, 14:37
    Post Type

    [caption id="attachment_4928" align="alignright" width="144" caption="Photo by Phoney Nickle"][/caption] Alan Young's website Ophelia and Web 2.0 explores the continuous fascination one of Shakespeare's...

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  8. Rickmansworth and Colne Valley water contaminated (1991)


    A spokesman (for Rickmansworth and Colne Valley Water companies?) says the water supply has become contaminated, and people must boil the water before using it. Elderly, young or those already ill may be...

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  9. Michael Howard on Government water proposals (1992)

    News report; Interview

    Des Fahy reports on the Government’s consultation document, Using Water Wisely, which emphasises saving water rather than looking at new sources of supply, and encourages water companies to bring in...

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  10. UK drinking water quality (1989)


    Grant Lawrence, advisor to the Common Market’s Environment Commissioner, on drinking water quality standards, which have not been met by the UK. Male interviewer not identified.

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