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  1. CAA Flight from Salisbury to Durban

    Series name
    Rhodesian Spotlight
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    6 / 7

    Rhodesian Spotlight synopsis: The Inauguration of CAA’s new direct Flying Service from Salisbury to Durban. Rhodesian Spotlight Commentary - The inauguration of a new direct air service between Salisbury...

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  2. Spherical Geometry and Navigation (2001 Video)

    Astronomy; Mathematics
    Sale, Videocassette. VHS. col. 20 min., 2001 sale: £47.00 (inclusive)

    Combines simple, practical demonstrations and real-world examples to introduce the sphere. Subject areas covered include: the earth as a sphere; great and small circles; definitions of latitude and...

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  3. Rough Science - Series 1 (4 Parts) (2000)

    Paul Manners
    Sale, DVD (Region 2 PAL, 120 minutes), £12.50

    Series in which five scientists are taken to a remote Mediterranean island, left with only the most basic of equipment and asked to use their scientific knowledge as survival skills to demonstrate how useful...

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  4. Introduction to Topographic Maps V.1.0 (1996 Multimedia)


    An introduction to topographic maps and mapping, covering such topics as definitions of ‘true’ and ‘magnetic’ north; the Transverse Mercator projection; map scale; latitude and longitude; location...

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  5. Longitude (2000 Video)

    Charles Sturridge
    History; Technology
    Sale, DVD (Region 2 PAL, 198 minutes), £12.99

    Adaptation of the Daba Sobel book telling the story of 18th-century clockmaker John Harrison’s attempts to build a chronometer, and the parallel story of Rupert Gould, who in the late 19th century...

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  6. Faraday Lectures 1972: Part 1: History and Principles of Navigation, The: Dead Reckoning and Inertial Navigation (1972 Film)

    Film (16mm)

    Defines ‘navigation’ and shows how man developed methods of homing and how to determine latitude and longitude, using dead reckoning. Following Faraday’s discovery of electro-magnetic induction came...

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