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  1. Nudists Get a Rocket

    Date released
    26 Aug 1963
    Series name
    Pathe News
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    4 / 6
    1 film clip

    France launches a four-stage space rocket from the no-clothes Paradise Island.

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  2. Birth of the Brain (1982 Video)

    Medical sciences; Psychology

    The relationship between brain development and psychological development is explained by focusing on a French child from birth to about 18 months. Antenatal development is illustrated mainly through the use...

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  3. Fortunes of War. Episode 2: June 1940 (1987 Television)

    Fortunes of War
    James Cellan Jones
    Betty Willingdale

    Television serial, in seven parts, based on the Balkan and Levant trilogies, Olivia Manning’s autobiographical accounts of her travels with her husband Reggie Smith between 1939 and 1943. Together for the...

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  4. Il Duce Opens Levant Fair

    Date released
    13 Sep 1934
    Series name
    British Paramount News
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    1 / 6

    Italy’s fifth Near East Trade Exposition. Mussolini rouses giant gathering of 100,000 with stirring inaugural speech.

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  5. Homer’s Iliad Via the Movie Troy (2004) (2017)

    Film studies; Literature

    Homer’s Iliad, the earliest Greek poem, narrates the archetypal war between ‘Europeans’ and ‘Asiatics’ divided by the Hellespont. Looking at Wolfgang Peterson’s blockbuster Troy (2004), the...

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