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  1. Events in the Middle East

    Date released
    15 Sep 1941
    Series name
    Pathe Gazette
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    1 / 4
    1 film clip, 1 commentary sheet, 1 shot list

    Including - US tanks arrive in the Middle East. Field Marshal Smuts arrives in the Western Desert to see his troops in the front line. Return of British and Imperial troops in the front line. Return of...

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  2. Sas Survival Secrets: Guardians Against Terror (2005)

    Military Science; Psychology
    Sale, DVD (Region 2 PAL, 117 minutes), £12.99

    Ex-SAS sergeant Eddie Stone presents a vivid and realistic recreation of SAS close protection bodyguard tecniques. Includes full coverage and re-creation of an SAS hostage-rescue mission Stone gives...

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  3. Henry V (1962 Television)

    Play in the Making, A
    Ronald Eyre
    Ronald Eyre

    Excerpt of the play with Simon Oates as Henry V. The programme featured a selection of scenes in which different plawrights work on the same human situation separated only by time and place. Excerpts from...

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  4. Hostage weight loss (1991)


    Male speaker describing another man who has lost weight, possibly released hostage John McCarthy on fellow hostage Terry Waite. Interviewer only heard laughing, not identified.

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  5. Sparkes Homecoming; Hostage released from Iraq - nd [1975-1986]

    An interview with the hostage Sparkes talking abaout his experience during the ordeal in Iraq. He is deeply thankful and greatful to all those who helped him to be released. [Box 3]

    ILR South ILR South Radio Radio Online Online Audio Audio
  6. Celebrity interview (1987)

    aka: Bob Holness in conversation with Lady Antonia Fraser

    An interview with Lady Antonia Fraser, bestselling historical author talking about her career and her latest novel, ‘Your Royal Hostage’.

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  7. Report on future of BBC World Service

    27 Sep 2011, 11:41
    Cathy Grant
    Post Type

    [caption id="attachment_10172" align="alignright" width="190" caption=""][/caption] The Commonwealth Broadcasting Association has recently launched a new publication, Brave New World...

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  8. Iranian Embassy Siege (2004)

    History; Military Science; Sociology
    Sale, DVD (Region 2 PAL, 60 minutes), 9.99

    In April 1980 the world watched and waited as gunmen held 26 people hostage at the Iranian Embassy in London. The siege was played out in the full glare of the world media. The final drama unfolded in front...

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  9. Terror in Moscow (2003)

    Geography; Politics & government

    Documentary about the siege in a Moscow theatre in October 2002 when Chechen rebels held the terrified audience hostage for 57 hours. It all ended in controversial circumstances when Putin ordered in his...

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  10. Iran Hostage Crisis: 444 Days to Freedom - What Really Happened in Iran (2006)

    Les Harris
    Politics & government
    Sale, DVD (Region 2 PAL, 96 minutes), £19.99

    On November 4, 1979, a group of radical Islamic students swarmed into U.S. embassy in Tehran, took its staff hostage, and demanded that the American government return the Shah to Iran. 444 days later the...

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