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  1. Rats Reared in Thousands for Medical Research at Birenwerder Farm

    Date released
    28 Dec 1931
    Series name
    Universal News
    Issue no
    NoS ID
    Story no
    8 / 9
    1 commentary sheet

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  2. Farm Fires (1991 Video)

    Sale, Videocassette. Standard formats. col. 15 min., 1997 sale: £8.00 (+VAT inc. p&p)

    Flammable substances and modern farm equipment have contributed to an increase in outbreaks of farm fires. This programme points out that fire prevention should be part of every farmer’s daily routine.

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  3. Barnyard Hamlet, A (1917 Film)

    W.E. Stark
    Pat Sullivan

    Animation. Retired actor Hammon Eggs wanders the farm, performing for the animals. He gets in a singing competition with a cow and ends up pelted with an egg.

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  4. Farmer on war and intimidation of workers in Rhodesia (1978)


    Rhodesian tobacco farmer Richard Holmes, discusses the war and the intimidation of farm workers in the country. Interview covers the location of land mines around the farm and the fact that farm workers are...

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  5. Suspected sect at Stratfield Saye (1986)

    An interview with Patricia Lowe, the leader of Renguish sect at Stratfield Saye. She is living at Parsons farm and she came today to talk about the allegations on the front page of Evening Post that suggests...

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  6. Three features from the National Garden Festival: farm, musicians and dragon (1986)

    aka: National Garden Festival 1986

    A series of interviews with the people responsible for organising the National Garden Festival. The programme looks at different aspects of the preparations including farming, booking musicians to play...

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  7. Recent additions to the Gateway

    10 Oct 2012, 17:25
    Andrew Ormsby
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    The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,200 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or...

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  8. Farm workers’ dispute (1978)

    News report; Interview

    Interview with unidentified farm workers at demonstration for higher wages organised by National Farmers’ Union (NFU).

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  9. Farm wages in Zimbabwe (1979)


    Two unidentified spokesmen on farm workers’ wages in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. Male interviewer not identified.

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  10. City farm appeal for funds (1977)


    Hilary Peters, teacher at a successful city farm run on a voluntary basis, appealing for funds from ILEA, local authorities and any other interested parties. Explains function of farm. Male interviewer not...

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