CFP: Strange New World – New Frontiers in Cinema & TV

The Cinema and Television History Research Centre presents:

Strange New World: New Frontiers in Cinema and Television
Thursday 18 June 2015
De Montfort University

Issues of technology and film have long been considered fundamental bedfellows. Studies of technology’s impact both on the cinema – from the coming of sound and colour to the rise of digital media – and within its films have shaped much scholarly thinking. Indeed, representations of technology’s effects on modern and future life shine a light on our most elemental fears.

In these days of digital frontier, how do we as scholars and audiences negotiate our relationship to the technologised cinema? How do we best understand the role that technology, and our awareness of it, plays into the production, distribution and reception of television and cinema? Do films and television shows visualise technology as an oppressor or a liberator – and has that changed over time?

We invite papers that explore the issues inherent in the relationship between technology and cinema, with possible topics to consider, but not limited to:

  • Rethinking the history of technological progress in cinema and television.
  • Cinematic representations of technology.
  • The mediation and coverage of technology in the film industry
  • Film and television criticism in the Internet Age.
  • The cultural effects of technological change in production, distribution and exhibition.
  • New technologies in documentary filmmaking.
  • Special effects and the cinema.
  • World cinemas and television in the digital age.
  • Impacts of streaming and alternative distribution on television broadcasting.
  • Crowdfunding, and other disruptions to traditional production models.

Abstracts of between 200 and 300 words for presentations of around 20 minutes should be submitted, along with a brief biography to by 27th March 2015. Please include the reference STRANGE NEW WORLDS in your subject line.

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