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The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,650 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email, telephone or visit the Gateway at

A History of Ideas
This site accompanies a major sixty part series broadcast from October 2014 on BBC Radio 4. A joint collaboration by the BBC and the Open University, the series presents a wide-ranging foray into the history of ideas according to scientists, philosophers, linguists, and religious and political thinkers. The programmes are accompanied by a series of short but cleverly designed animations, voiced by Gillian Anderson and Harry Shearer, each of which presents a snapshot view of a particular philosophical problem or idea. Current themes include the nature of freedom, knowing wrong from right, the origins of the universe, has technology changed us and what makes us human. The Open University also has a page devoted to the series, with links to the animations themselves as well as to other relevant textual and audiovisual resources from Open University academics and researchers.

Press Play
This archive of video essays is an excellent resource for film, media and television students and researchers. The essays, which feature offerings from regular contributors as well as examples aggregated from other sites, engage with classical and popular film as well as contemporary cinema and also consider the wider cultural implications of the cinematic arts.

This American site, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, presents the latest videos on science, engineering, technology and mathematics. The material is aggregated from universities, colleges and scientific bodies, as well as the National Science Foundation itself. The videos are organised into ten main topics, from Astronomy and Space to Technology and Engineering. A Series page presents a range of series on a broad range of scientific topics. Some of the series are from the National Science Foundation, others from other scientific bodies, universities and research institutions; all entries are accompanied by useful introductions and summaries.

University of Edinburgh, Physics Podcasts
This page features podcasts of seminars held at the School of Physics and Astronomy, Edinburgh University. Although the seminars are described as being of general interest some are more theoretical than others, and probably more suitable for a specialised audience. Subjects covered include sustainable energy, particle physics, condensed matter, radiotherapy, neutrino physics and biomechanics. Several of the lectures deal with pedagogical aspects of the subject, covering curricula, teaching practice and educational policy. The website’s presentation is rudimentary but the content is good.

Voices From The Workplace
This series of short films about the fight for equal pay was made by film directors, Sarah Boston and Jenny Morgan, and jointly funded by the TUC, the Wainwright Trust and the European Social Fund. The films consist of oral history interviews with women and union representatives who were involved in major equal pay cases, beginning with the 1968 pay strike by Ford sewing machinists in Dagenham which brought car production to a halt. The film Winning Equal Pay: An Introduction provides an introduction to the series. Each film is accompanied by notes and transcripts in pdf format. The films were made as part of the learning resource Winning Equal Pay: the value of women’s work, a collaboration between London Metropolitan University and the Trades Union Congress to record the long campaign to achieve equal pay for women.

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