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CfP: Shakespeare Quarterly, Special Issue on Media

shakespeare_quarterlyFrom the printing of play quartos to the development of Shakespeare apps, the history of Shakespeare and the history of media have been intimately entwined in a feedback loop of considerable cultural and technological influence. This special issue of the Shakespeare Quarterly journal will investigate the myriad linkages between Shakespeare and the history of media with topics that might include the following:

  • Shakespeare and the future of media
  • Shakespeare and media archaeology
  • digital Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare data collection
  • Shakespeare, media, and the formation of community
  • Shakespeare and theater/movie/television technology
  • Shakespeare in 140 characters
  • Shakespeare and revisionist approaches to media history (post-McLuhan)
  • Shakespeare as “transmedia” and “intermedial” artist; autopoietic Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare and the history of photographic and audio reproduction
  • Shakespearean mashups/samplings/applications
  • Shakespeare and media theory

Authors are strongly encouraged to consider selecting images, audio clips, and video clips to illustrate their articles. A gallery of these multimedia illustrations will be published on the web site.   Send inquiries to Douglas Lanier at or Gail Kern Paster at

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