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The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,600 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email, telephone or visit the Gateway at

The Corner Shop: A Social History Project
This website is one of the outcomes of a project documenting Black Country corner shops from 1950 – 2010. The site provides an overview of the project and features videos, oral history recordings, picture galleries, case studies and other downloadable teaching resources. The project was led by Black Country Touring and Foursight Theatre in partnership with English Heritage, Sandwell Community History & Archive Service, Sandwell Museum Service and Birmingham Archives & Heritage.

CPD Online
The Royal College of Psychiatrists has made this resource available for consultant psychiatrists and other mental health professionals. The resources, which include a podcast are free to download and are organised according to domain: Clinical, Academic and Professional. In addition to the podcasts, the site features a range of learning modules which can be used to gain credits towards CPD certification.

This website delivers thousands of free academic and educational multimedia content, including videos, animations and simulations. The site’s strengths are in Mathematics and the Sciences, but also cover History, Economics, English and Religion. The videos on the site are aggregated from other American educational collections (including those of professional bodies, colleges, universities and other organisations such as the Khan Academy) and arranged by broad subject areas which are then subdivided into narrower concepts, and laid out on the page in a logical and easy to follow screen display. It is slightly frustrating that there is little contextual information associated with the videos, in the form of descriptions, contributors, and other useful metadata. Nonetheless, the site is well worth visiting for the range and quality of material available.
Journeyman Pictures, an independent distributor of documentaries, news and topical footage, have created this Video on Demand (VOD) site. There is a wide range of streamed documentaries, arranged by subject including Politics, Culture, Conflict, Human Rights, Environment, Sex & Gender and Religion. Prices begin at £1 for a single viewing, with a variety of other subscription plans available: annual unlimited streaming costs £100. A small selection of free documentaries is also available. The films can be viewed on iPad and iPhone and many other mobile devices that support mp4 video playout.

Why U
A beautifully designed site presenting videos, animations and graphics designed to give students an understanding of the underlying concepts on which the rules of mathematics are based. The videos are aimed at K12 (the US equivalent of A Level) and undergraduate maths students and consists of four sections: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Topology and Infinite Series. Each section contains a number of videos: for example, the Pre-Algebra page presents thirty animations, each between five and ten minutes long, beginning with The Dawn of Numbers and taking in Factoring, Exponentiation, Irrational Numbers and Real Numbers, amongst others, along the way. The aim is to provide conceptual understanding, rather than help with specific problem solving, so this would be a good resource to use in conjunction with other teaching materials.

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