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Media Screen Roundup – May 2014

The monthly roundup of film and television publications compiled by Simon Baker, Institute of Historical Research, & published here at the BUFVC by Linda Kaye.

This month’s Roundup features two special forums. The Journal of Sport History has a forum on Filmic Sport History covering The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, historical sport films, and the ice hockey player Maurice Richard. The journal Rethinking History also has a special forum entitled Visualizing History, Visualizing Nation which features interviews with documentary filmmakers Joshua Oppenheimer  and Susana de Sousa Dias, documentaries on the Spanish Civil War and the 2011 Japanese earthquake and Tsunami, as well as the representation of the First World War in Belgian film. This leads nicely into the Stagner article, Healing the Soldier, Restoring the Nation: Representations of Shell Shock in the USA During and After the First World War, which examines medical discussions, popular films, works of literature, magazines, and newspapers.  On a similar theme, the Second world War is featured in Jones’ article, Neuro Psychiatry 1943: The Role of Documentary Film in the Dissemination of Medical Knowledge and Promotion of the U.K. Psychiatric Profession  which also has a follow-up commentary by Heiner Frangerau, The Cost of War—Then and Now: Commentary on “Neuro Psychiatry 1943” .

Westerns also feature with Meeuf’s book on the iconic John wayne, while Cynthia Miller’s two books, Undead in the West II and International Westerns expands the coverage. The first book looks at the intersection between the western and the horror film featuring vampires, zombies mummies and ghosts, while the second looks at the western in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

Media Screen Roundup (May 2014) IHR-BUFVC (PDF 162 KB)



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