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Recent Additions to the BUFVC Moving Image Gateway

The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,550 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email, telephone or visit the Gateway at

British Nutrition Foundation Video Podcasts
These video podcasts focus on different aspects of food and nutrition. Each episode is hosted by a nutrition scientist presenting current information on healthy eating and nutrition. More resources for use in education are available at the Food: A Fact of Life site.

Cochrane Multimedia Portal
Cochrane is a global, not-for-profit network of health practitioners, researchers, patient advocates and others, which aims to produce credible, accessible health information that is free from commercial sponsorship and other conflicts of interest. The multimedia section of their website features videos, podcasts as well as recordings of conferences and colloquia. The podcasts cover all aspects of the medical sciences with the emphasis on providing practical, up to date information: for this reason older podcasts are removed from the website. The podcasts are in mp3 format and can be downloaded free of charge.

89 Voices
This is an oral history and social engagement project in which people from former Communist states give first-hand accounts of their experiences of the events of 1989. This microsite was created on the back of the Europeana 1989 project which asks people from every country involved in the events of 1989 to digitise their own stories, photos, videos and sound recordings. Ultimately the site will feature the memories and testimonies of 89 people: currently there are ten interviews with citizens from Poland, Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The interviews are hosted by SoundCloud and can be streamed or downloaded. Each interview is accompanied by a transcript.

Films For Action
The mission of Films for Action is to fight against the homogenisation and conformity of the mainstream US media by promoting alternative, independent media channels. This American site features thousands of films, videos, news items, and articles relating to social, environmental, and media issues not covered by the mainstream news. The core of the site is the video list: content can be filtered by a subject search and the films are free to view. Among the subjects covered are Elections and Democracy, Net Neutrality, Peak Oil and Terrorism.

A website featuring short films about science, made by schoolchildren, teachers, scientists, students and researchers. The project was originally inspired by a desire to explore what ‘public service children’s media’ might look like in the Web 2.0 world, together with a sense that science and engineering lend themselves particularly well to practical, accessible filmmaking. The films can be searched according to eight broad subjects (Biology, Careers, Chemistry, Earth Sciences & Environment, Engineering, Maths, Miscellaneous and Physics) and by Type (Documentary, Experiment, Explanation etc.). The site is still fully available but appears not to have been updated since 2012.

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