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The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,500 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email, telephone or visit the Gateway at

Cambridge Spies – The Guy Burgess Tape
This fascinating microsite presents the only known audio recording of spy Guy Burgess, which was made in 1951 just before he defected to the Soviet Union. In the recording, Burgess recalls his meeting with Winston Churchill in 1938. The tape was recovered from the FBI by two academics at City University: former head of ITN, Professor Stewart Purvis and media historian Jeff Hulbert. The site tells not only the story of how Purvis and Hulbert tracked down the recording but also includes a contextual essay on the significance of the tape, an events timeline, a full transcript of the tape’s contents, an FBI memo by J. Edgar Hoover, a video recording of the moment when Purvis and Hulbert opened the package from the FBI, and a Channel 4 News report by Michael Crick about the story.

History of Parliament: Oral History Project
The History of Parliament’s Oral History Project is the result of a collaboration with the British Library which aims to produce a sound archive of British politics since 1945. The project’s ambition is to interview as many former MPs as possible and create an archive of audio recordings of the interviews, accompanied by transcripts. The recordings can be heard in their entirety only at the British Library, but this page presents audio excerpts from the interviews, along with a transcript of the clip, biographical details and a summary of the entire interview. Amongst the former Parliamentarians represented here are Denis Healey, Geoffrey Howe, Frank Judd and David Owen.

HTW – The Historical Television Website
A website created by enthusiasts which is devoted to the history of the major UK broadcasting channels, with particular focus on graphics, idents and presentation. There are special sections for each of the four largest UK terrestrial TV broadcasters in launch date order (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5). There are also sections on TV AM and local television, features on early BBC broadcasts for schools, and an essay on television hardware. The features are all illustrated with well-chosen (if frustratingly small) screen shots. A Resources page gives a useful selection of links to archives and broadcasters, sites about broadcasting technology and a list of sites similar to HTW, that is, sites produced by fans and enthusiasts, rather than academics.

Physics Central
This educational site is the creation of the American Physical Society and presents information about current research in physics in the form of vodcasts and podcasts. The podcasts are also available at iTunes. A section called Science of the Sphere is a collection of 14 videos of physics demonstrations and experiments made by astronaut and chemist Dr. Don Pettit on board the International Space Station.

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