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Latest additions to the BUFVC Moving Image Gateway

The BUFVC Moving Image Gateway includes over 1,350 websites relating to video, multimedia and sound materials. These have been subdivided into over 40 subject areas. To suggest new entries or amendments, please contact us by email or telephone or visit the Gateway at

Art Review
The online version of Art Review magazine has news, reviews and opinion pieces about the contemporary art world as well as features on individual artists, interviews and video and audio content. The magazine is aimed at both a specialist and generalist audience. In order to access the site’s archives – which date back to 2006 – users need to register but subscription is free.

Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
This interdisciplinary research enterprise, based at St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, was set up in 2006 to conduct research into various topics at the intersection between science and faith. The multimedia archive of videos and podcasts features courses, lectures, research seminars and discussions. The titles give a flavour of the subject matter: Genetic and Cellular Complexity: A Critique of Intelligent Design; Is God a Virus? and Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion. The material can be watched in Flash video, or downloaded in medium or high-quality video, and can also be accessed in audio only formats. The lectures are also available to buy, via an online shop, in CD or DVD format.

Hardcore History
Unconventional history podcast presented by former talk-show host Dan Carlin. Carlin is not an academic but his take on things is always interesting and sometimes controversial. Carlin casts his historical net wide, taking in topics from ancient and modern history, from the Anabaptists of Munster to the Fall of the Roman Empire. The podcast is free to listen to and is also available on iTunes.

Institut de Recherche Pour Le Développement
The IRD is a French public science and technology research institute managed by the French ministries in charge of research and overseas development. The institute is responsible for a number of programmes focusing on the relationship between people and the environment in in Africa, some Mediterranean countries, Latin America, Asia and the French tropical overseas territories. The Videos Online channel presents a monthly film, made in the field, showcasing the different types of research and projects undertaken by IRD and produced in close co-operation with the scientists and researchers involved in the programmes. The videos cover aspects of ethnology, conservation, development and environmental studies. A recent example – Hubert the Beetle – looks at biodiversity in a mountainous part of Cameroon. The English-language version of the website features a handful of films with English commentaries: there are many more videos available on the French version of the website.

Interviews with German Anthropologists
This online resource was created as part of the research project ‘The History of Federal German Anthropology from 1945 to 1990.’ The core of the site is a collection of video interviews with leading German anthropologists. The interviews are in German, with English subtitles but the website itself is in English. The site’s other resources include a timeline which gives significant dates in German anthropology, and a glossary providing explanations of German anthropological terms.

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