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Internet Archive launches TV News & Borrow

The TV News and Borrow service from the Internet Archive is designed to help citizens better understand the issues and candidates in the 2012 U.S. elections by allowing them to search closed captioning transcripts to borrow relevant television news programs. The resource can be searched by broadcaster and individual programmes.

The collection now contains 350,000 news programs collected over 3 years from national U.S. networks and stations in San Francisco and Washington D.C.  The archive is updated with new broadcasts 24 hours after they are aired.  Older materials are also being added.

The Internet Archive works to preserve the published works of human kind.  Inspired by Vanderbilt University’s Television News Archive project, the Internet Archive collects and preserves television news.  Like library collections of books and newspapers, this accessible archive of TV news enables anyone to reference and compare statements from this influential medium.

Users in the US can search the index of searchable text and short, streamed clips to find programs to borrow on DVD-ROM or view at the Internet Archive’s library in San Francisco.

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