Are You ERA Compliant?

Are You ERA Compliant?

The Educational Recording Agency’s licensing scheme, run in partnership with UK broadcasters, enables UK educational institutions to record copyrighted broadcast material for use in teaching and research. In addition to holding the license itself institutions are required to meet certain conditions in order to remain compliant. You can find further details about these conditions on ERA’s dedicated webpage, found here, and we encourage institutions unsure of whether they are meeting them to check, but here are some things to remember:

Retention of Recordings

  • Programmes recorded between 1st August 1989 and 30th May 1990 can be retained indefinitely.
  • Programmes recorded after 30th May 1990 under the terms of the ERA License can be retained indefinitely while a current ERA License is held.
  • Programmes recorded prior to 1st August 1989 are governed by the terms of the license under which they were recorded.


It is a requirement of the ERA License that all off-air recordings are sufficiently labelled. Each recording should clearly state the channel and date of broadcast, the programme’s title and the following wording:

‘This recording is to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence’

In order for your institution to avoid infringing upon copyright it is vital that both an ERA Licence is held and that its terms and conditions are adhered to. Why not check your recordings today? Are you compliant?


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